He Hate Me Keeper League 2020 - Year 18

SDMB He Hate Me Keeper League

I wanted to start the thread because I think we need a little more runway to discuss how we’re going to do this this year.

Keeper Rules

  1. You can only keep a maximum of 3 players.
  2. You can only keep players drafted after the second round (third rounders or later only.)
  3. A player can only be kept a maximum of twice. (Making 3 total roster years.)
  4. A kept player incurs a two round penalty (e.g: drafted in the 6th, kept in the 4th.)

Hall of Fame
2003 - Year 1 Winner: mouthbreather
2004 - Year 2 Winner: Spiritus Mundi
2005 - Year 3 Winner: Spiritus Mundi (thread #2)
2006 - Year 4 Winner: The Mad Hermit
2007 - Year 5 Winner: Nurse Carmen
2008 - Year 6 Winner: Weirddave
2009 - Year 7 Winner: VarlosZ
2010 - Year 8 Winner: Weirddave
2011 - Year 9 Winner: Really Not All That Bright
2012 - Year 10 Winner: Really Not All That Bright
2013 - Year 11 Winner: VarlosZ
2014 - Year 12 Winner: Ottoerotic
2015 - Year 13 Winner: Weirddave
2016 - Year 14 Winner: motu
2017 - Year 15 Winner: Johnny Ace
2018 - Year 16 Winner: dalej42
2019 - Year 17 Winner: Weirddave

I’m still around, and still interested, if that counts for anything. Thanks for starting thread, with so much still up in the air, anything could happen*,

*except me winning it all.

After searching the new Discourse site so I could refresh the links, it really makes me want us to have the Level 4 stuff that’s available. We can turn threads into little mini-wikis. I’m not sure how functionally different it would be, but it would be cool to post more complete histories of this 18 year league. Which I’ve never won. Ever.

Also, I’m going to make my plea that this is the year we drop kickers.

I’m in, although I can’t even imagine how fantasy is going to play out this year. Can’t wait for healthy QBs and RB1s to suddenly be out same day as the game because they have a positive test. Or games to be “postponed”.

So here’s what we did in the baseball keeper league I’m in (Melting Pot, here on the board):

We froze the league for the year, and ran a side league. Everyone’s potential keepers will remain the same for next year - we just punt 2020 and will pick it up in 2021. If the season is in doubt, I think this is a very good solution. If this were a true dynasty league (keep unlimited players an unlimited number of years), we’d just draft like normal. But with tight constraints on our keepers, it could really suck if we get through 6 weeks before everything falls apart, and then everyone’s keepers burn a year of eligibility.

A side league could be fun - we’re not constrained by any history of the league, and we can tinker with any rule changes we’ve ever thought of, and see how we like it.

So I’m still technically the commish, I will admit to not being terribly motivated to drum everyone up and see who is coming back and who isn’t - I did just let the league autorenew, which isn’t the best way to handle it. And I agree with Munch that treating this year as a special case is probably the best answer.
I did think of suggesting that we play it by ear; we could start up normally, keepers as usual, and then agree to make a decision after (say) week 8 as to whether to count the year or not.
But that’s probably not a good idea - some people’s keepers will be not working out, some will, and there will be disgruntled (and gruntled) owners. No need to go down that path again…

I do think it’s necessary to get a confirmation of everyone that plays this year. The auto-renew won’t tell you that, and if you don’t contact everyone or get confirmaton somehow then you probably won’t know someone isn’t coming back until the keeper deadline - or even draft day, since it’s possible the person didn’t want to do any keepers.

What I did in my leagues was simply to boot everyone out, and then re-issue invites to the league with a note explaining why I did that. It’s not that much work. Yahoo will remember what team belonged to what owner (and e-mail address) and so if you kick out all the teams in the league and then click invites for past teams it will auto-fill the e-mail of the last owner and send the invite to them. This way you’ll know anyone who is in the league actually intends to be in the league.

I’m planning on continuing with this league, but I don’t check my yahoo email much at all, so just post when the draft is and I hope to see you there.

Hi everyone. First of all, mods - rest assured that I have no intention of returning to the boards and I am not seeking in any way to circumvent my ban. If I was trying that, I certainly wouldn’t sock so obviously as myself. This will be my one and only post here, and it’s only to let everybody know that I am definitely interested in participating in the league this year. If it does start up, please email me, my nic (without the “not so”) at gee, mail!

Besides as the reigning champ and only 4 time winner of the league, I figure I owe all you losers another shot at me. :wink:

As far as I know, everything renewed in the league as normal and you should still be invited under the same name you always were. The league page is here: https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/312767

Unless you lost access to the account you used to play under or something, in which the commish could easily send an invite for that team to another address (so you keep your history)

I’m still good and in. Definitely excited to lose since I haven’t paid aaannnyyyy attention to the nfl this year

So I’m not sure who’s been banned/is idle, but here is some info from the league board today:

Spiritus Mundane is (tentatively) keeping:
Kareem Hunt in (10) Daniel Jones in (11) DJ Chark in (14)

I’ll be (tentatively) keeping:

Austin Ekeler (8)
Lamar Jackson (12)
Darren Waller (13)

I have Kyler Murray available in the 5th for a cheap trade, but I don’t think we trade picks these days.

Any thoughts on dropping kickers? I’m really quite serious - I like trying to reduce the huge amount of luck/variance involved in fantasy football.

I’m definitely in as well.

I think I have managed to resurrect this account - feels nostalgic and yet weirdly new at the same time.

Anyway - I would happily agree to no kicker in any fantasy league. But given how the last year has gone, I’m just hoping we actually get a full season to fantasize about :slight_smile:

I asked a question without looking at literally the first post in this thread. Durrrr.

Nevermind, nothing to see here

My team last year was pretty bad, and the only player I’d want to keep (Christian Mcaffery) I’m pretty muc 100% certain I drafted first. So no keepers for me this year, maybe I’ll get someone who isn’t a pile of garbage next year.

I’m here! I’ll be keeping Chris Godwin (8) and Courtland Sutton (10) . This will be the last eligible year for both. If Aaron Jones is eligible I’ll keep him too (7), but I acquired him via trade and I’m not sure.

Aaron Jones is not eligible this year. Last year was his last keeper chance.

In other news, I’ll be keeping N’Keal Henry in the 14th round. That is it.

I’m keeping Dak Prescott in the 7th and DJ Moore in the 8th.