Upcoming SDMB fantasy football league...

I know I am WAY early with this, but I’m still uncertain as to whether I will be subscribing to this forum anytime in the future, so I wanted to make sure that whoever was running the league next season would have my email (bababoooeyn@yahoo.com) as well as check to see if anything was settled regarding keepers/draft picks…

C’mon, baba… $4.95. That’s all it is. :wink:

Anyway, thanks for starting this up. I had nearly forgotten about it. Keepers should be turned in some time next week, eh?

And looking at the league screen, I notice something quite odd… YAHOO DELETED THE LEAGUE!!! They always keep it up for quite some time. So, anyone have a list of who had who, who finished where?

Otherwise, I believe I’ll be keeping Priest Holmes, LaDanian Tomlinson, and Ricky Williams.

I was probably in a different league (Osip’s SDMB League, which wasn’t a keeper league), but I just wanted to say I’ll be up to playing again this season. Fantasy Football with the SDMB was the fun.

I know it’s cheap, but I got fired from my job a few months ago so I won’t actually have any cash until I find a new one at the end of the semester.

As for who has who, IIRC someone did a review on each team in the old post that listed all of the players.

We should probably wait until closer to the fantasy draft before we annoounce our keepers, that way we’ll have a better idea of the depth charts…

Damn. And there really was a lot of good dialogue that revolved around when we should announce, how we’re going to work the keepers (i.e. tie them to their draft position, etc.), and so on. I really hope someone copied the draft and the rosters.

-Munch (crappiest commish evah!)

I finished in the basement, so I want to claim the high draft number. I remeber that it was agreed to pick the keepers around the time of the NFL draft, and here we are.

Hamlet, you’re going down in flames this year.

Just found this thread. I was wondering myself what was going on after I noticed that the site was down. Did anyone print out any of the information about rosters, etc.? The only thing I remember is that I won it all. Prove me wrong, children, PROVE ME WRONG!

Here is the original thread. I think mouthbreathers last post highlights the most important issues:

  1. When do we have to declare our keepers?


  1. What happens with draft order next year?

My answers are:

  1. As soon as possible
  2. Reverse order of finish and a snake draft.

My review of the thread shows the 14 owners are: mouthbreather, Steelerphan, Wilson, ShibbOleth, mrchan, bababooey, WeirdDave, White Lightning, Nurse Carmen, Munch, Omniscient, neuroman, and myself. If the commish, (I’m looking at you Munchie) can get everyone together, I think we should declare our keepers as soon as possible, and figure out the draft order for next year. We can also find out if anybody has dropped out. Unfortunately, I don’t have everyone’s emails, so here’s hoping Munch has them in his mailbox to let everyone know.

For what it is worth, here’s my information:

My keepers would be: Deuce McCallister, Peyton Manning and either Chad Johnson or Marcel Shipp. I haven’t decided yet.

I finished with the bronze, in third place, so I should be drafting 12th (ouch!).

Also, Munch, if you need a hand in the commishing, let me know.

Ahem. That’s 13.

I think we need an email routing of this, since many/most of us aren’t checking in here. I scarcely remember my roster at this point; I sure hope it’s out there somewhere. Otherwise I’m going to have to start inventing stuff.

You’ve obviously never met ShibbOleth. He’s got multiple personalities, so we count him twice.

[sub]who did I forget?[/sub]

You forgot furt.

And sadly, I have no e-mail list.

hangs head in shame

Well, I got no list either, and I have no clue who was on my team last year. Somebody needs to dig up the final rosters, or this keeper league idea is a non starter this year. If we DO wind up forming a keeper league, whoever is commish should talk to Zev for tips, he runs the SDMB baseball keeper league (Baltimore Weirdos currently in second place, thankyouverymuch) and does a fantastic job.

Check again. I’ll make it easier on you by requoting:

See. Right there. Plain as day. Sheesh.

[sub]sorry furt.[/sub]

Oh, it is plain as day, we all saw it in your post(the part you highlighted), but it says “furf”. We were wondering who in the heck “furf” is? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha, we met each other at FairyChatMom’s going away DopeFest at Rainbow Springs last weekend. If anyone has multiple personalities I’d nominate Furt. He even told a story about his alterego, although I forget the exact name. He’s also a maniac that carries around a butcher’s knife. So be careful what you say.

Looks more like turf to me…

I have a couple of rosters left over from printouts I used for scoring. One I found lists Omni with:

Trent Green
Jerry Porter
Quincy Morgan
Chris Chambers
Ricky Williams
Amos Zereoue
Byron Chamberlain
Correll Buckhalter
Olindo Mare
New England defense

I had in the same game:

Donovan McNabb
Terell Owens
Ike Hilliard
Tim Brown
Anthony Thomas
Mike Alstott
Tony Gonzalez
Antwaan Randle El
Sebastian Janikowski
Steeler defense

No wonder I finished 2-12, or 3-11 (it was pretty bad.)

I’ll look for more, if anyone wants.

Oh, I’m seeing some ugly smack coming your way this season …

Sorry, i’ve been on vacation. I should be in this thread talking mad smack.

Your 2003 SDMBFF keeper league champion has as keepers: The Padre, Ahman Green, and Randy “Mr 85%” Moss.

I remember my keepers!

Jamal “Please don’t send me to jail” Lewis
Travis “Go away, McGee” Henry


What? You gonna send me a picture of yourself? Bring it on, ummmm, what’s your name again? turf? :wink:

So far we have LEAGUE CHAMPION mouthbreather, furt, ShibbOleth, furt, Munch, furt, Steelerphan, furt, bababooey, furt and Weirddave, furt, all checking in this thread.

That leaves: Wilson, furt, mrchan, furt, White Lightning, furt, Nurse Carmen, furt, Omniscient, furt, neuroman, and furt left to contact.

A quick check reveals that

Wilson is a charter member :slight_smile: and has a listed email

mrchan is not a charter member :frowning: , but does have a listed email

White Lightning is not a charter member :frowning: , but does have a listed email

Nurse Carmen is a charter member :slight_smile: , and has a listed email

Omniscient is a Guest :frowning: , but has a listed email.

neuroman is a charter member :slight_smile: , but does not have a listed email :frowning: .

So, our lovely Vanna White, or Munch can email everyone else and let them know that this thread exists, or track down neuroman in another thread. We can then get everyone on the same page with keepers and draft order and get set.

At least it’s a start. And, as an aside, I think this single post is the most smilies I’ve ever used since I started here. :mad: