He Hate Me FF keeper league

The He Hate Me More league is now open.

Draft time is Monday, September 4th at 10:30pm EST. (Labor Day.)

A new feature to yahoo allows you to copy rules from a previous league, so I copied all the rules from last year’s league. Note that I changed turnover scoring to reflect the scoring from two years ago:

Interceptions: -3
Fumbles: -1
Fumbles lost: -2

No other rules changes were made. All rules are of course open to change if we want to, including the above noted change.

I can’t set the draft order until everyone joins the league. Also, if you’d like to change the draft time, mentioning it earlier rather than later would be good.

So, who’s going to unseat Mundi as the reigning two-time champ?

Will the Fanboys make the playoffs instead of the consolation bowl? Will Tiki justify his #2 overall draft position, or is he about to hit the wall?

Do CFL yards count for Ricky Williams? (BWAHAHAHAHA!)

Keeper Rules

  1. You can only keep a maximum of 3 players.
  2. You can only keep players drafted after the third round. (Fourth rounders or later only.)
  3. A player can only be kept a maximum of twice. (Making 3 total roster years.)
  4. A kept player incures a two round penalty. (e.g: drafted in the 6th, kept in the 4th.)
  5. The deadline for declaring keepers isn’t until at least next year’s thread is started.

Hall of Fame
Year 1 winner: mouthbreather
Year 2 winner: Spiritus Mundi
Year 3 winner: Spiritus Mundi

Draft Order, Year 4

  1. BoomGoesTheDynamite
  2. New York Fanboys
  3. Rhinosaurs(neuroman)
  4. Clusterfucks
  5. Pentium None
  6. Fightin’ Quakers
  7. Baltimore Wierdos
  8. Moridwon
  9. Feed My Family
  10. Crabby Hermits
  11. Varlos’ Zzzzzzz
  12. Fourth and Nineteen
  13. Cedric Benson Busts
  14. Mundi Morning Blues

League History

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2004 Season 2
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Eligible Keepers

  1. BoomGoesTheDynamite (Munch)
    QB C. Palmer (10th round pick) - kept last year
    WR Ji. Smith (5th round pick)
    WR D. Bennett (6th round pick) - kept last year
    RB T. Duckett (7th round pick)
    BN L. Jordan (5th rounder, trade from Baltimore Weirdos) - kept last year
    BN L. Smith (8th round pick)
    BN M. Jenkins (15th round pick)

  2. New York Fanboys (Ellis Dee)
    QB E. Manning (9th round pick)
    WR P. Burress (6th rounder, trade from Baltimore Weirdos.)
    WR A. Toomer (12th round pick)
    TE J. Shockey (4th round pick)
    BN J. McCareins (14th round pick)
    K J. Feely (7th round pick)
    DEF New York Giants (8th round pick)

  3. Rhinosaurs (neuroman)
    QB J. Plummer (7th round pick)
    by trade from Mundi. Not kept last year.)*
    WR Ro. Williams (7th round pick) - kept last year
    TE T. Heap (6th round pick)
    W/R D. Driver (4th round pick)
    BN D. Brees (8th round pick)
    BN D. Stallworth (10th round pick)
    BN K. McCardell (11th round pick)
    K J. Reed (12th round pick)
    DEF Philadelphia (9th round pick)

  4. Clusterfucks (BabaBooey)
    WR E. Kennison (5th round pick)
    WR D. Branch (6th round pick) - kept last year
    TE J. Wiggins (12th round pick))
    W/R R. Williams (13th round pick) - kept last year (BWAHAHAHAHA)
    BN K. Warner (7th round pick)
    BN M. Moore (4th round pick)
    BN B. Edwards (8th round pick)
    BN K. Orton (16th round pick)
    BN M. Hicks (14th rounder, may be ineligible; possible trade from Feed My Family)
    K L. Tynes (15th round pick)
    DEF Chicago (14th round pick)
    BN Dallas (10th round pick)

  5. Pentium None (Nurse Carmen)
    WR C. Chambers (5th round pick)
    RB M. Faulk (4th round pick)
    TE C. Cooley (10th round pick)
    BN N. Burleson (11th round pick) - kept last year
    BN T. Taylor (14th round pick)
    BN J. Bettis (7th round pick) - kept last year
    BN B. Roethlisberger (12th round pick) - kept last year

  6. Fightin’ Quakers (furt)
    WR M. Muhammad (8th round pick) - kept last year
    WR L. Fitzgerald (5th round pick)
    RB F. Gore (10th round pick)
    TE H. Miller (9th round pick)
    W/R S. Smith (4th round pick)
    BN Ma. Jones (11th round pick)
    BN R. Dayne (13th round pick)
    DEF Arizona (14th round pick)

  7. Baltimore Weirdos (Weirddave)
    WR J. Porter (5th round pick)
    RB R. Droughns (4th round pick)
    RB S. Davis (9th round pick)
    TE A. Gates (10th round pick) - kept last year
    W/R L. Johnson (9th rounder, trade from BoomGoesTheDynamite) - kept last year
    BN K. Collins (4th rounder, trade from BoomGoesTheDynamite)
    BN D. Givens (8th round pick)
    K M. Stover (11th round pick)
    DEF Baltimore (7th round pick)

  8. Moridwon (Hamlet)
    QB M. Vick (6th round pick)
    RB S. Jackson (4th round pick) - kept last year
    TE R. McMichael (8th round pick) - kept last year
    BN B. Favre (5th round pick)
    BN T. Williamson (11th round pick)
    BN M. Pittman (11th rounder - trade from Fourth and Nineteen)
    BN Buffalo (10th round pick)

  9. Feed My Family (Jimmy Chitwood)
    WR J. Galloway (4th round pick)
    TE A. Crumpler (5th round pick)
    W/R A. Boldin (6th round pick) - kept last year
    BN S. McNair (10th round pick)
    BN B. Lloyd (11th round pick)
    BN D. Staley (7th round pick)
    BN A. Bryant (12th round pick)
    BN D. Carr (9th round pick) - kept last year
    BN R. Moats (14th rounder, may be ineligible; possible trade from Moridwon)
    K J. Wilkins (14th rounder, may be ineligible; possible trade from BoomGoesTheDynamite)
    DEF Denver (16th rounder, may be ineligible; possible trade from Moridwon)

  10. Crabby Hermits (The Mad Hermit)
    QB D. Bledsoe (9th round pick)
    WR I. Bruce (5th round pick)
    TE Da. Clark (7th round pick)
    W/R W. Parker (11th round pick)
    BN A. Randle El (10th round pick)
    BN A. Lelie (6th round pick) - kept last year
    BN A. Brooks (9th rounder, may be ineligible; possible trade from Cedric Benson Busts)
    K J. Elam (8th round pick) - kept last year
    DEF Pittsburgh (12th round pick) - kept last year

  11. Varlos’ Zzzzzzz (VarlosZ)
    QB M. Hasselbeck (4th round pick)
    WR Ke. Johnson (8th round pick)
    RB W. McGahee (5th round pick) - kept last year
    TE J. Witten (6th round pick)
    W/R B. Engram (10th round pick)
    BN R. Ferguson (12th round pick)
    BN B. Jacobs (13th round pick) (fucker!)
    BN D. Jackson (4th rounder, may be ineligible; possible trade from Crabby Hermits)
    K S. Janikowski (14th round pick)

  12. Fourth and Nineteen (Wilson)
    QB J. Delhomme (8th round pick)
    WR R. Wayne (4th round pick) - kept last year
    WR D. Mason (5th round pick)
    BN E. Moulds (7th round pick)
    BN B. Stokley (12th round pick) - kept last year
    BN M. Williams (9th round pick)
    BN P. Rivers (16th round pick)
    DEF Atlanta (10th round pick)

  13. Cedric Benson Busts (Omniscient)
    WR K. Curtis (14th round pick)
    RB T. Jones (4th round pick)
    TE B. Troupe (15th rounder, may be ineligible; possible trade from Fightin’ Quakers)
    W/R T. Houshmandzadeh (5th round pick)
    BN D. Rhodes (16th round pick)
    BN M. Robinson (8th round pick)
    K M. Vanderjagt (10th round pick)
    DEF Carolina (6th round pick) - kept last year

  14. Mundi Morning Blues (Spiritus Mundi)
    QB T. Brady (6th round pick)
    WR S. Moss (8th round pick)
    WR Ro. Smith (7th round pick)
    W/R W. Dunn (5th round pick) - kept last year
    BN T. Glenn (16th round pick)
    BN C. Taylor (9th round pick) - kept last year
    BN R. Caldwell (13th round pick)
    K A. Vinatieri (11th round pick) - kept last year
    DEF Cincinnati (15th round pick)

I just wanted to pop in and say He Hate Me is one of the best nicknames in the history of sports. Excellent choice for a league name.

Still haven’t gotten that email (did it have the league # and password?), could someone shoot it to me at bababoooeyn@yahoo.com (note the three o’s).


Ah, that explains it. I was using the email listed in your SDMB account, which is bababooeyx@home.com. Note that both emails I sent to that address have bounced back after first “delaying.” Never having seen a “your email has been delayed” notification before, I was quite confused. Also, I never received the email you sent to me, and I checked my junkmail folder multiple times over the few days after you sent it to me. Just FYI.

Anyway, yes, I’ll send you an email to the yahoo address with the details right now.

The burning question this year:

Is it possible to suck even more?

I haven’t received an email and I’m pretty sure my info is correct. Little help?

I was wondering why I hadn’t heard from you. I sent it to the hotmail address listed; perhaps it got sidetracked into your junkmail folder?

Sending another email now…

Note that I sent two emails to the entire group; the first was asking about good draft times, and the second was a link to the league and this thread. I’m reluctant to spam people, and have a general aversion to sending anything to 13 people at a time, as that really feels like spam to me, so I limited myself to those two emails.

Anyone else who needs the info, just check in here and I’ll send it to you.

Crap, I just noticed this:

Kinda stupid, as this is “next year’s thread.” heh.

The deadline for declaring keepers is Tuesday, August 29th.

I’m not planning on being super-anal retentive or anything about this deadline. Basically, the idea is to declare keepers after the 3rd preseason game is over, when the injury risk has passed. But we do need a reasonable amount of time to fill our exclude lists in the draft pre-rankings, given the real possibility that someone would be going out of town labor day weekend.

So that Tuesday seems like a good fit.

Considering Big Ben is one of my keepers, it would seem that this question is already answering itself.

As of now, I’m fine whenever, except Fridays from 10Am-2PM EDT.

Cool, should be good then. Do you need the league info? I notice you aren’t in yet; did my emails get rerouted to your junk folder?

Is this league full, or are new entrants welcome?


Much. Now I feel all warm and squishy inside.

Looks to be full, but I’m sure other SDMB leagues will spring up as the season approaches.

So far we’re at 12 of 14 owners. Does anyone know who the missing two are?

And we have some rules issues to hammer out regarding trades:

  • Should we allow trading future draft picks?
  • When you trade a keeper, who’s keeper slot does it use up?

New question added:

  1. Should we allow trading future draft picks?
  2. When you trade a keeper, who’s keeper slot does it use up, the giver or receiver?
  3. Should we be allowed to trade away our unused keeper slots?

My votes:

  1. Undecided. I await other opinions.
  2. Giver.
  3. No, because it would be contradictory to my vote on #2.

Munch’s votes:

  1. Yes.
  2. Giver.
  3. Yes.

Note that more detailed discussion can be found in the yahoo league forum, linked in OP.



  1. Yes.
  2. Up to owners involved in trade.
  3. Yes.

Note that question #2 only applies to pre-draft trades, because the keeper limit only applies to declaring keepers for the draft. (After the draft, you can trade for as many keepers as you please.)

Hey there, I think I missed whatever email was sent out – could someone post the League ID# and password so I can get in?


Just so I’m sure I understand this correctly, you’re asking whether, when a player who is elegible to be kept is traded and later is in fact kept, which team’s 3-keeper limit is affected?

If that’s the question, then it’s the giver and don’t see how it could work any other way.

(1) He’s the one doing the keeping, so it counts against his limit.

(2) “You can only keep up to three players” seems like a perfectly simple and workable rule; why muck it up with needless exceptions?

(3) Isn’t this how we’ve been doing it so far? Or am I greatly mistaken and could have, last year, kept four players since I traded for McGahee, while my trade partner was only allowed to keep two?