Yahoo fantasy football signup now open...

my boner isn’t as big as it was last year on the matter, but if you want to get the He Hate Me League set up early this year.

They opened it up a while back. I already started a league to hold a draft spot of August 24, 2005 at 9:00 pm CDT few months back. Not sure if anyone else got a hold of a better time or not, but I figure as the season gets closer the keeper league guys will get together and sort things out.

Does someone want to throw out an actuall password so those of us interested can join?

I was in a league last year, but I think that it was not the Keeper league. But I’m not sure. So, if anyone else remembers. This past year has been a blllllllllllluuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrr.

Was listening to some sports radio tonight where the DJs are in a 32 team league with DJs from the Clear Channel affiliates in other NFL markets. It would be fun to have the reality of a fully-diluted 32 team field to have to contend with. Or at least interesting.

Not really, trying to avoid it becoming a free-for-all. The keeper league is going to have to get organized and everything since that’s not going to be open to just anyone. Not sure if any of the other guys have set up a league yet or not, so my league might be reserved for that.

Last year there was a thread, and all interested parties pooled up. Eventually leagues were split up equally and with different scoring rules. when everything was all set, signups were done.

Free-for-alls in the past created problems with absentee owners missed drafts.

Well, I’ll ask.

Regardless of past performance, I intend to play again this year. No one has chosen to be commissioner this year, and I’m the outgoing one, so I’ll hand the torch over as soon as it’s decided. We have much to discuss.

I have a league slot with a draft time of 8:30 pm on Tue, Sept. 6. This is my home league, but I will open it to interested parties. Send me an email.

(if you don’t know, it’s Steelerphan- and no, I didn’t just have a Steeler funeral. I don’t plan on dying, ever.)

So, if we weren’t involved in the past, don’t bother?


Varlos’ Zzzzzzz will return for the keeper league. Now, who the hell are my keepers? McGahee is one (and would Buffalo please trade Henry???). Maybe Javon Walker (did I take him in the 5th? 4th? I don’t know.

Did someone remember to archive last year’s rosters?

I was in one of the non-keeper leagues last year, and actually won it by virtue of my deal with the devil (eeeeeevvviillll Peyton! good Peyton! ha-ha in the playoffs Peyton!). I will naturally be up for defending my title wherever is necessary this year :wink:

I’m up for the keeper league, for what it matters. I still have no idea how it’s going to work, I’ve never been in a keeper before, but I believe I placed so I have the #1, didn’t I?

Well, I suspect he’d prefer to hear from last years members before he starts giving spots away, understand? A keeper league, as in, you get to keep some players from the previous year.

HA! I knew that was you.

So, if you’re stepping down as commish of the keeper league, safe to assume you’re still playing right? We’re probably going to need you to work hand-in-hand with the new commish due to all the keeper stuff, IIRC you filed it all, correct? I got no problem being the new commish, though I like your draft time lots better than mine. However, being a keeper league maybe closeness to kickoff isn’t quite as pressing.

It’s still a long was off before we need to get serious about it. Though, it’ll be good to start making sure all teh players from last year are still reachable. Anyone have email addresses?

I wasn’t stepping down by choice- it was decided to rotate the job amongst the owners, sometime last year. I do have records, including the players at the draft:

[li]Rhinosaurs (neuroman)[/li][li]Baltimore Weirdos [/li][li]4th and 19 (Wilson) [/li][li]T. Rex (TMH)[/li][li]Mundi’s Morning Blue[/li][li]BithloMulletRevival [/li][li]Pentium None [/li][li]Omni’s Omnipotents[/li][li]Balls (Chitwood)[/li][li]New York Fanboys (Ellis Dee)[/li][li]Falcon Twists- Munch[/li][li]DerierExtraordinaire [/li][li]HamletToBeNamedLater[/li][li]Varlos’ Zzzzzzz[/li][/ul]

I think I have the email addresses.

I’m here.
Hoping somebody has the final rosters and draft results from last year’s league, or we’re gonna have the same problems we did last year!

I’m REALLY regretting trading away McGahee for Holt right about now.

I have copies. They’re not accessible to me right now since I’m travelling, but it shouldn’t be a problem. Omni, glad to see we have at least one decent draft spot available.

Pentium None = NurseCarmen.

I stopped crying myself to sleep several weeks ago when RW made it clear he planned to unretire. Now that he’s back up to 215, I’ve been masturbating myself to sleep again.

I have Ricky’s mailing address, and I am boxing him up ten ounces of California’s stickiest icky as we speak. He’ll never make it to training camp!

You’re sharing, right?


Do you think everyone will come back?