SDMB Oscar Voting: Best Supporting Actor

If you were an Academy member, who would get your vote?

Have seen all of these except 12 Years a Slave and **Leto **gets my vote, hands down. All were good but Leto was in a class by himself this year.

Normally, I expect this award to go to an older, veteran actor as a kind of lifetime achievement award. But this year, none of the nominees fit that description.

So, I’ll pick Bradly Cooper, since I thought he was great in a mediocre movie.

Leto is out-fricking-standing. This has got to be a slam-dunk, right?

That said, Adbi was a revelation in Captain Phillips. To give a performance with that depth and that commitment, without much (if any) acting experience, well … he was something. I hope he can get the chance to do more acting work, and prove this wasn’t a fluke.

There’s no question that Leto will win, and he is certainly deserving. Fantastic performance.

But if I were voting, I would give it to Abdi. He was fascinating as a ‘bad guy’ that I really felt sorry for by the end of the movie. He was trapped in that lifeboat in more ways than one. Abdi did an amazing job of portraying man dealing with his own desperation.

ETA: I have not seen Wolf of Wall Street.

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