SDMB PC Gamers : Look! Salivate! Discuss!

PC Games to be released in 2006. DIALUP BEWARE! (Note: for some reason, this page seems to load better in Internet Explorer for me, rather than Firefox, though that may just be my Adblock settings)

Some are already out (Elder Scrolls, Empire at War, etc.)

Many I’ve already heard of and am actively looking forward to (Crysis, HL2: Aftermath, Medievil II: Total War, Spore, Neverwinter Nights 2, etc.)

And many that I hadn’t heard of that look good (Tortuga: Pirate Revenge, Civcity: Rome, Age of Pirates: Carribean Tales, etc.)

What do you spot?

Caesar IV! I loved the Caesar games and have often wondered what became of them. Woo woo, a new one!

Gigantic, Rock-Hard Boner:

Sid Meier’s Railroads
Caesar IV
The Battle of Britain
Out of the Park 2006

Pretty Stiff:
Rise of Legends
Rush for Berlin
Rise & Fall

Gettin’ Frisky:
Medeival: Total War
D&D Online
Alan Wake

Oh wow!

I’m all about MTW2. Just the thought of combining the better features of the Rome and Medieval Total Wars has me hooting like an owl.

Space Empires V will be a must have.

Caesar IV shall rock. I’ve been so deprived I considered loading up Zeus the other day. There’s what, 3 Rome city-builders in there? Must be something in the water, but I’m not complaining.

The Conan MMOG won’t be good, but if it was, I’d consider it.

In addition to an assload of mods for Oblivion, it looks like a very good year ahead.

D&D Online is out. It’s not bad, and might be great, depending on which direction they go with it.

I am definitely looking forward to NWN 2.

Looks like my PC game budget is now spoken for. :slight_smile:

Let’s see… add-ons to existing games (B&W 2, Civ4, etc.)

Oooo: remake of Settlers 2!

Civcity: Rome? That could be good, but along side Caesar 4? Talk about direct compitition.

The Guild 2? Never saw the first one, but this looks like it has potential.

NWN2 is on my ‘to buy list’. Had an idea for a module, but wanted to wait for the new one.

Good thing I’m getting a good tax refund check: looks like I’ll need to invest it wisely in order to afford all the games and expansions coming up!

<< BREAKFAST.COM Halted…Cereal Port Not Responding. >>

Sam and Max 2!!
Sam and Max 2!!
Sam and Fricking Max 2!!!


This is even better news than the impending release of Neverwinter Nights 2 - assuming it’s any good. (oh please oh please let it be good…)

Salivating over NWN 2, currently enjoying (for the most part) Oblivion :slight_smile:

Oh happy days!

No love for Hitman 4?

Apart from that, I’ve only been salivating over NWN2. I was looking forward to Oblivion, but I don’t have to wait anymore (well, of course, I do have to wait for work to finish each day, and that seems to be the most hellish wait of all).

But after skimming through that page, it appears there are many more upcoming games that I have to read about and subsequently salivate over.

I’ll also toss in Hellgate:London and DragonAge

Nothing else on this list (and there’s a lot of really good stuff) even comes close.

I can only hope it lives up to the name.

Ooooh…Total War 2.

I forgot that was coming out.

Count me in as another hoping NWN2 is good.
Spore, which i’ll be needing a new computer for.
Dreamfall, which I think is out next month! I loves me some adventure games.
Hitman 4 I may think about picking up, if I haven’t spent everything on a new comp.

We’re gonna need a bigger computer…

My current machine is nearing its limits right now (takes a looong time to load Sims 2 and can’t run Civ 4), but my plans to buy a new computer aren’t until next year. I may just buy a couple of these (Railroads, especially) anyway and hold them until I can actually play them.