SDMB punkin' carvin' thread.

All sorts, techniques and styles welcome.

I’ll get us started with a warty pumpkin I just finished up tonight.


I did this one in the woodcarver style, where you may or may not cut into the open center of the pumpkin, and make the features in 3-d.

No fair. The rest of us don’t have your Lovely Wife[sup]TM[/sup] to display our punkins.

BTW it’s very creepy looking!

How about a Barack O’ Lantern?

I’ve ordered stencils out to all the kids!!!

Holy cow, Acid Lamp, that’s fantastic. in awe

My plan was/is to get two pumpkins, carve one with a :eek: face and one with a shifty-eyes face, have them face each other, and put down a half-eaten piece of pumpkin pie near the second one. I don’t know if I can pull it off, but I’d love to try.

I have big plans this year but I am not sure if I’ll be able to pull it off.

We bought a large pumpkin and the plan is to carve a big scary face with lots of sharp poity teeth…with a bloody"squirrel caracass" held in it’s teeth. The carcass is actually an “unstuffed” dog toy, that looks like a stuffed animal without the stuffing.
Another easy one I did a few years back, that got loads of comments was very easy. I just carved a nice big symbol for pi in it and that was it.

Lovely Wife[sup]TM[/sup] reporting for duty.

The pumpkin is actually pretty goofy in person, and makes me giggle every time I open the fridge. It’s not quite cool enough outside to let it sit for several days in the Florida sun. It is, however, covered in warts-- I spent several days before it was carved looking at it as I passed the counter and thinking, “Ew, genital warts” every time I passed it.

I did mine last night.

Awesome! Did you do that by leaving a thin section, or is it carved all the way through?

I bought my pumpkin yesterday, but haven’t settled on a design yet.