SDMB Reader's Group: First Selections Poll

Welcome to the first SDMB Reader’s Group Selection Poll Thread!

Your task here is pretty simple. The Poll lists 18 books suggested in the “Anyone want to start an SDMB reading group?” thread. The final two poll choices are for how often we have a discussion thread (Bi-Weekly or Monthly). This is a multiple choice poll, so please select the works you are interested in, and one of the two discussion options. My suggestion is that you pick about 6 of the books, but you are free to select more or less than that number. We will be looking to start with the top 6 choices, in descending order of interest, and will do a new poll about four months from now to make the next selections

I ask also that you post in this thread to indicate:

  1. That you will be participating in the Group
  2. Which books you are willing to post an Thread OP for
  3. Other thoughts/comments you have for the Group and how it will work

I will update the group membership originally gathered from the previous thread based on posts in this thread. Since I am asking that you post in the thread to restate your interest in joining, the poll is not “public”, your choices will remain known only to you.

Please note: we are also looking for other volunteers to help maintain the group. As I noted in the previous thread, real life in the form of a work project is going to impact my free time next year, especially in March/April.

The next post will have the 18 selections with ISBN and a link to Border’s information about the books.

Below is a listing of the titles in our poll, with an ISBN number and link to Border’s website with a quick description of the work. This is simply for reference, and not an endorsement of Border’s as such. Many of the books have multiple publication versions and these are simply the first editions that came up on a search (except for Inferno, which is a specific translation). Border’s is showing these all as “usually ship within 24 hours”, so I would expect them to be available on Amazon and other sites/stores as well.
Slaughterhouse-Five Author: Kurt Vonnegut ISBN: 0385333846

Catch-22 Author: Joseph Heller ISBN: 0684833395

Tender Is the Night Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald ISBN: 068480154X

Elmer Gantry Author: Sinclair Lewis ISBN: 0451530756

Love in the Time of Cholera Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez ISBN: 0307389731

The Inferno Author: Dante Alighieri ISBN 0451208633
Note: This is the John Ciardi translation, one of 3 recommended by Niven/Pournelle

The Custom of the Country Author: Edith Wharton ISBN: 0553213938

Heart of Darkness Author: Joseph Conrad ISBN: 0451531035

Vanity Fair Author: William Makepeace Thackeray ISBN: 0553214624

The Sixteen Satires Author: Juvenal ISBN: 0140447040

The Princess Bride Author: William Goldman ISBN: 0156035219

The Best of HP Lovecraft Author: H.P. Lovecraft ISBN: 0345350804

Babel-17 Author: Samuel R. Delany ISBN: 0375706690

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Author: Agatha Christie ISBN: 0425200477

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Author: John Berendt ISBN: 0679751521

Dog On It Author: Spencer Quinn ISBN: 1416585842

The Art of Racing in the Rain Author: Garth Stein ISBN: 0061537969

Watchers Author: Dean Koontz ISBN: 0425188809

I can’t wait. My top pick is Catch-22, never read it, always meant to.

I’ll be participating. I can definitely do an OP for Catch-22, since I own the book. I’d be willing to do an OP for any other book if there’s no one else who is particularly interested, as long as I can get the book at the library.
If I do an OP I would need reminders.

I think this poll set up is good.

Thanks for doing this, deathawk!

I voted on the books that I am definitely interested in discussing. There are a few I would definitely skip, if they’re chosen, and several that I’m “meh” about – would participate, if that’s the book, but nothing I’m particularly eager to read.

I’m in - The only one on that list that I’ve read so far is Princess Bride, and I wouldn’t mind doing an OP on it. I also already read Vanity Fair, but that is a looooong book I’m not terribly excited about diving back into. Still, I’ve got a lot to discuss about it. I’ve got Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and * Love in the Time of Cholera* in my to-read pile already, so I’m all set if those books are chosen. I’d say about 75% (at least) of the books on that list are books that I’ve been meaning to read, so… great list!

  1. I’m in. This sounds like a great motivation to “read that someday”.

  2. I’ll consider the OP thingy after I learn what’s involved. Maybe after a few books ??

  3. Having stalked SD for a long time I’m pretty sure we’re going to be exposed to a great selection of genre, subject, authors and ideas – always a good thing.

Looking forward to this,

Babel-17 sounds interesting. That and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd are the ones I’m pulling for the most I think.

I didn’t realize, until I looked through the book list, that I’m far more interested in nonfiction than fiction. I voted, though.

I’m very interested in this - I was an English major, but my husband and most of my friends are non-readers, so I’m a bit starved for book talk. I’d be happy to do an OP in any month except February, but we might want to think about what we’re looking for in the OP: a summary of the book-so-far; personal opinions; general discussion questions; analysis of themes; review of literature? (ok, I;m being a bit tongue in cheek, but I miss literary research!)

I might participate, but it would depend heavily on which book is actually chosen.

I’m in. I’ve read a few of the selections, but they were all at least 10 years ago, so I’m certainly willing to read them again.

My first choice is Slaughterhouse Five. I love Vonnegut, but have never gotten around to reading this one. But most of the other selections sound interesting, too.

As to writing an OP: I’ve never done a book club and haven’t participated in a lit class since I was in high school, 23 years ago, so I have to say no, at least for now. Once I see what is expected, I may volunteer.

Thanks to deathawk for getting things moving.

Now I have to figure out how to subscribe to a thread.

Ha! I’ve read several of these multiple times, particularly Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. This will be so fun. I love reading books along with other people.

I read the book Catch-22 quite some time ago, and remember it being an excellent book. This is off the subject, but I also saw the movie, with Art Garfunkle, which was also quite good.

I will try to follow along - sometimes with my kids it is hard to sit down and read! I voted for my favorites, but I don’t think I’ll be able to do an OP. (Well, maybe if it’s Lovecraft and no one else will do it!)

So after the first weekend’s voting, Catch-22 has a slim lead.

For the current top 6, we still need OP volunteers for four of the choices.

Catch-22 - Talon Karrde
Slaughterhouse-Five - ???
Love in the Time of Cholera - ???
Heart of Darkness - ???
The Princess Bride - StoutHearted
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil - ???

iftheresaway indicated she’d be willing to do an OP other than in February. I am also willing to take an OP for any of these on the list (although I’d prefer to do Love in the Time of Cholera)

Bi-weekly discussions seems to be the clear choice at this point.

Assuming the current leader holds up for another few days, when are folks thinking we should start up the first discussion? In thinking about the holidays, and not letting this get lost in that shuffle, an option might be to have the first discussion around the weekend of the 19th/20th, and then the next after New Years.


Yikes, gotta say none of those six is all that interesting to me. C’mon, Custom of the Country!

ugh. heart of darkness is going to be a poopstorm of a discussion. not only is the content very controversial, i found it BORING as all get out especially given its length. i’m much more excited for the slaughterhouse 5 and look forward to its discussion. i don’t think i want to OP it though.

I would like to participate. The books that are in the lead in this poll are books I am interested in, and I would enjoy re-reading *Catch-22 *and Heart of Darkness (I’m an existentialist freak, so I’d have a ball with that one.) I cannot commit to a thread at this time.

I would like to participate also, although I’ve only read three books on the list (Vanity Fair, The Princess Bride and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil). I’d also have to opt out of an OP, I’m just not up to it. No other thoughts, just roll call :).