SDMB Reader's group - Ongoing Logistics Thread

Welcome to the SDMB Reader’s group! This thread will serve as an ongoing logistics thread. Posts here will include the Current Schedule, links to discussion threads, and links to new selection polls as they occur. Please subscribe* to this thread if you are interested in taking part in the discussions, as you will then be able to be notified of the new discussion threads as they open.

Here is the tentative discussion schedule for the first poll winners

12/20 - Catch-22 Part 1 - OP: Talon Karrde (To Chapter 22)
01/10 - Catch-22 Part 2 - OP: Talon Karrde (End of Book)
01/17 - Slaughterhouse-Five Part 1 - OP: iftheresaway
01/31 - Slaughterhouse-Five Part 2 - OP: iftheresaway
02/07 - Love in the Time of Cholera Part 1 - OP: deathawk
02/21 - Love in the Time of Cholera Part 2 - OP: deathawk
03/07 - The Princess Bride Part 1 - OP: StoutHearted
03/21 - The Princess Bride Part 2 - OP: StoutHearted
03/28-04/09 - Make suggestions for next Selection Poll
04/04 - Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Part 1 - OP TBD
04/10-04/18 - Second Selection Poll
04/18 - Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Part 2 - OP TBD
05/02 - Heart of Darkness - Part 1 - OP TBD
05/16 - Heart of Darkness - Part 2 - OP TBD

ISBN information can be found in the First Selection Poll Thread, in post #2. Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll.

If you are willing to take the OP for either of the last two in the list, please post in this thread.

As the question came up in the poll, here is what we are looking for from those taking the Opening Post duties:

  1. A suggestion as to how to handle the reading for the work. In other words, where the “break” point should be chapter wise for the two discussions. For some of the shorter works, this may instead be an emphasis on some theme or character, rather than a page break.

  2. An opening thread post that will serve as the departure point for the discussion. So what ever you found interesting about the book, good or bad, be it on plot, theme, character, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

  3. When opening the thread, please use the following format for the title, so that we can see it easily in the thread list:
    “SDMB Readers Group - <book title> <discussion #>”
    Please also post a link to the discussion thread in this thread, to allow the subscription notification feature to provide automatic notifications.

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For more information on subscriptions, please see the FAQ:

The first discussion thread is underway:

Can I make a suggestion for June? There are a lot of people who who watch True Blood here, and so far the show has been following the books more or less. Why not ask people to read Club Dead by Charlaine Harris to coincide with the third season beginning? It’ll be a fast read for almost everyone.

I don’t want to step on any toes, but it seems like the Catch-22 thread is dead, so I’d like to suggest beginning the Slaughterhouse 5 thread. I don’t have my copy in front of me, but I’ll aim for the opening thread (about halfway thorough the book) in 10-14 days.