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This was inspired by the anal-retentive thread in which Dirty Devil said:

I’m fairly new here and when I started reading, it was in MPSIMS, then I moved to GD and The Pit. Other boards were browsed after that. Now I find that is the order that I have to read the threads in. I’ve also grown fond of the “Next newest thread” link. Anyone else have a particular reading style? Perhaps a style streamlined for efficiency?

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Back in the Early Times (when there were fewer than 500 posters, registered or otherwise) and only four Fora (Master’s Voice, Try It Here, GQ, and the Pit), I used to enter each one in turn, scroll to the oldest one I had not read, and simply work my way up to the top using “next newest”.

I have not been able to do that in a long while. There are far too many threads going and I haven’t got time to read them all.

Now I pick a Forum (different order each day), and select specific topics to view. An awful lot of stuff on Mindless, Pointless, Silliness I Must Share I simply ignore. Questions in GD that ask about specific hardware or software that I don’t own or work with get ignored, too.
There are a lot of topics that appeal to an awful lot of diverse people.


I always start in MPSIMS and the Pit. I guess I just like to settle in and get comfy before I dive into the “big” forums. I go to GD after the Pit, then GQ. You will find very little of me in either of those forums, though, because as I have stated before, I’m only a pretend intellectual. I like to lurk around in them, but rarely do I have anything intelligent to say.

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I go in order from GQ to MPSIMS to The Pit to Great Debates. The other forums I rarely, if ever, go to at all.

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I’m new here, and new to the internet. What first caught my eye here(got here from the Austin Chronicle website. I read Cecil’s column there, bein’ in the backwoods) was the Pit. I’d had a bad day, and it made me laugh. After a month now, it’s MPSIMS, Pit, and then GQ and GD. I’m reading other areas to try to understand more of what’s going on. The time I have here is mostly when I’m tired(not at work) so, for now, is mostly light, but I’m liking it more & more.

I go in order, starting at Cecil’s Columns (where I pick and choose topics), About this Message Board (starting at oldest unread thread and clicking next newest til I hit “No newer topics”), GQ (same), MPSIMS (same), BBQ (pick and choose topics). I never reach Mailbag or GD during the week (heck I don’t even always hit BBQ), but I pick through the topics on the weekends.

No, I don’t read all the topics. Since the subject shows up on the title bar, I just click “Next Newest” for a subject I’m not interested in without waiting until the page fully loads.

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When I first got here, all of two months ago, the first place I stopped was the MPSIMS. I didn’t even venture into the other fora for a while after that. Now, I usually go to MPSIMS, then the BBQ pit, stop off in GQ, go to GD if I have time, then back to MPSIMS one last time before I leave. That’s what I did tonight, I’m on my second MPSIMS visit, and shall be leaving in about fifteen minutes when they close the lab.

“fora for a while”. Huh.

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I go to GQ first; scroll down and check out the topics to see if anything interests me; look for ones I’ve replied to to see if anyone has replied to my reply. Then MPSIMS and the Pit.