SDMB Retrospective US Presidential Elections 1812,_1812

Voting for David Cameron…DeWitt Clinton I mean…in opposition to the War of 1812.

Clinton, solely on account of him not owning slaves.

Quite a coalition for Clinton. A socialist, a quasi-fascist, and a libertarian.

What do you mean calling **QSH **a “quasi-fascist”?

I’m not sure how that qualifies as “quasi-fascist”…

Besides these and other interesting throwbacks such as promoting eugenics, your economic program is prototypically fascist.

I’m not using it as a pejorative. No offense intended.

Oh, come on. :rolleyes: That’s an egregious misuse of the term fascist. Also, to ignore the fact that **QSH **is a teenager in the midst of an ongoing evolution of his political ideas and that his mind is reaching out into all kinds of experimental directions before he settles on a stabilized philosophy, like a normal teenager, would be dickish. Give him room to grow, will you? I think QSH is to be commended for thinking things over in depth; would that most of us oldsters might examine our own preconceptions as assiduously.

Not to speak of the inane anachronism of modern concepts like “fascist,” “socialist,” and “libertarian” applied to 1812 politics.

I’m afraid you can’t call someone “fascist” in a non-pejorative sense, not unless you’re a fascist yourself.


Well besides what Johanna, my suggestion about “eugenics” was a voluntary one and something I’m mostly agnostic on. I admit though, that about the only thing I agree with the fascists on were their aesthetics.

What, you mean you like Nazi architecture?

From The City in Mind, by James Howard Kunstler, chapter on Berlin: