SDMB Retrospective US Presidential Elections 1916,_1916

This is a difficult choice but I’d ultimately have gone with Wilson sbecause he was the more pro-labour of the two major-party candidates.

He Kept Us Out Of War! :slight_smile:

Yes, Wilson for me, too, although I strongly oppose his resegregation of the Federal government. He is the more progressive of the two major-party candidates and has otherwise done good work in his first term. I suspect the conflict in Europe might eventually draw the U.S. into war no matter who occupies the White House.

(As you know, it was a squeaker of an election. The story goes that Hughes went to bed on Election Night, convinced he’d won. A reporter called the Hughes home after the California returns came in, ensuring Wilson’s reelection. Hughes’s butler refused to wake his boss and told the reporter, “The President has retired for the evening.” The reporter replied, “Well, when he wakes up, tell him he ain’t President no more.”).