SDMB Spelling Bee Challenge (Akeelah ain't got nothing on me!)

Stump me.

Go ahead, give it a try. I will spell any word you challenge me with.

It’z naut faer. Yeu havv axcess 2 teh intarnetz. Yeu kan louk wyrdzz upp aunleyne.

Don’t be facetious.


Spell “hello” in Australian.

Can’t fool me, I spent a month on that island: G’day!

In Bush-speak, spell “truth”.

Spell the word for a sickly-green color that rhymes with “smart moose.”

Spell the word for a particularly vivid shade of purple that begins with an “f.”

Aye thenq y’aull shtumppt hir.

I don’t get it… :confused:

I was actually on a televised spelling bee show as a kid. Called “Spelling Bee”, it aired on 2&7 Calgary.

Fiver: [pedantic Canadian]It’s not a moose.[/pc] Unless you’re British.

What do pedantic Canadians call meese?

chartreuse, fuchsia

Now for the next edition of “guess that word”

German origin, you’re happy about someone else’s bad luck.

You Canadians are so clever - however did they think of that catchy title for the show?

I just watched Akeelah and the Bee last night and loved it.

OK, here is a word for you:

Spell Cecil’s last name.


Fiver was thinking “smart alek”, from “smart elk”. An elk and a moose are not interchangeable.

I thought **Fiver ** was going for chartreuse.

Adams? :confused:

(Sorry, thought this thread was dead over two months ago.)

You’re right. I blame lack of sleep.

Well, in a real spelling bee, we would be saying the words to you. So I guess the best alternative is to give you the phonetic of the word, and have you spell the word. Here goes (SAMPA phonetic coding):


Try that one on for size!