SDMB T-Shirt Exchange

Okay, I am in :slight_smile: Sounds like fun.

Why the 18 rule, by the way?

Email sent! I had a lot of fun with the Valentine exchange, so I’m looking forward to this.

[OT] ChoosyChips, if you read this, I just got your Valentine!! It had evidently come open on the way here, and the post office had sealed it up. There wasn’t a postmark, and I have no idea how long they had it. It was very cute, and my daughter loved the confetti. Thanks! [/OT]

Details sent - and I’ll have you know I’d be considered on the slender side if I were an American!

Dunno – Board rules – I believe it’s because the expectation is that kids aren’t in a position to make an informed decision about the wisdom, or lack thereof, of providing personal info to weirdos on the internet. Whether that’s specific to the Dope or what, I don’t know.

I’ve been sending an “okay, you’re on the list” response to people as they email, so if you think you’ve emailed me but haven’t heard back, try again. I’ll post a “who’s in so far” list in a day or so – but we’re already up to 15. Woo hoo! :smiley:

Make that 16! :cool:

I like them big so a 2XL for me, but I can ship any size and any where.

Just so’s you know, I will probably be sending off a brand new t-shirt from the souvenier thingie at my grocery store. (Surprisingly,they aren’t tacky or awful.) Cause I wants one fer myself :slight_smile:
Bidding starts at Juan Dollah!

Sounds like a great idea Twickster. Count me in for a big 'ol XXL and willing to ship across the pond.

How much does international shipping cost? A t-shirt could fit in a padded envelope or a little box, so not too much, I’d think, but I really have no idea.

I have a T-shirt already picked out for some lucky Doper. I’m in! Email forthcomthing.

I’m in! Anyone who is interested in a hockey shirt - ask for me. I have Columbus Cottonmouths shirts from CHL, ECHL and SPHL days.

Don’t fret, tho - if you don’t like hockey I have lots of others to choose from.

Count me in!

I have very carefully culled my T-shirt collection recently, so I may buy a souvenier-type shirt for my recipient. 'Cause you sure as hell aren’t getting my Bloom County T-shirt - I had to steal that from my dad!

I’m in! I’ll email right after this. I’ve got lots of cool T-shirts I don’t wear anymore (including some good Gen Con freebies).

I’m in!

I’m in! I emailed too!

The shirt I have for sending is an XL, though I am an M. Just FYI.

I hope that I can join this. Just need to check my closet first to see if there is a t-shirt that I feel no strong attachment to first. Seeing as I’m in NZ, and have been living out of a suitcase for quite some time now, I’m not sure there will be any… Perhaps it’s time for me to part with my attempt at sarcastic teenage humor “Fuck School T-shirt.” Although I’m pretty sure nobody else would want that either… Anyway, off home to check my closet for t-shirts before commiting to this…

Um, you do realize that that puts you in the XL pool, so you’ll get an XL, right?

And LowKey – please join! We’ve got all these Yanks hot for an international exchange, and so far owlstretchingtime is our only non-US participant. (Not even any Canadians – what’s up with that?)

By the way – I’ve been sending confirmation emails pretty promptly, but anyone who sends today won’t get the confirmation till tomorrow night – I’m keeping the list on my home machine, so though I’ll see posts and emails at work today (hi boss!), I can’t add anyone to the master list, and I’ll be out tonight. So don’t freak if I don’t get back to you right away.

I’m in, email forthcoming. I’m an XL guy myself. Someone’s gonna be rocking a hella cool radio station t-shirt from a place far far away!

I’ll play, and I’m open to sending to one of them furriner Dopers

I’m in!

mail sent, I hope to do a better job of this one. :smiley: