SDMB T-Shirt Exchange

It’s time once again for Dopers to exchange material objects! In the spirit of previous successes like last fall’s Mug Exchange and the Annual White Elephant Exchange, as well as the granddaddy of them all, the Secret Santa, I’m pleased to announce the first-ever (I think) SDMB T-Shirt Exchange.

I have some really nice T-shirts that I never wear, and I bet you do too. What I’m proposing is that anyone who wants to participate will pick a T-shirt out of his or her T-shirt drawer and mail it off to another Doper. In turn, he or she will haunt his or her mailbox until –- voila! -– a replacement appears. My vision for this is that we all just recycle T-shirts we already have but don’t wear -– a gift perhaps, or a souvenir bought on a whim, or a freebie from a local business, or something you’ve got a bajillion of (like your school or your favorite vacation spot), or something you bought for a Halloween costume or a tap recital, or whatever. Used is okay –- nay, expected -– but not stained, torn, stretched out, or gross. You know the difference.

And either you’ll get a really cool T-shirt that it’ll be fun to wear -– or you won’t. And if you don’t, so what? You weren’t wearing the one you sent anyway.

Here’s the procedure. Send me an email by Monday, April 25th. Please also post in this thread so we keep it on the first page. I will then put together people into groups by T-shirt size (so if you’re an XL type, you don’t end up with a S that wouldn’t fit your dog), and assign each person someone else in the same size pool. I’ll email you your person’s name and address, and you’ll pick out a nice, freshly laundered T-shirt and mail it to your recipient.

And that’s it!

BTW, I ran this idea past TubaDiva, who gave it a thumbs up. As always, only Dopers over the age of 18 can participate. Overseas Dopers are invited to participate, but with the expectation that you’re willing to ship to the U.S. –- ditto for Canadians. This is going to be complicated enough without my trying to arrange intra-national pairings. Folks from the U.S. -– please indicate your willingness to ship (airmail, so the recipient doesn’t have to wait for two months) to Canada and/or abroad. You will not necessarily get a T-shirt from the person you send to (unless only two “mediums” sign up), but those who ship internationally will receive internationally. Fair’s fair.

Email info:

Send an email to me at twickster47 at yahoo dot com.

Put SDMB T-Shirt Exchange in the subject line.

In the body of the email, give me:

Your username

Your IRL name and address

Your T-shirt size

Where you’re willing to ship – US only, US or Canada, overseas okay

I think that’s it –- okay! Let’s party!

Ok, Twick, I’m in. I’m an XL. I’d love to get a really cool foreign t-shirt, but I don’t know how much international shipping might be, so I’d probably better stick to domestic.

And if no one else posts, we can just have the Great Doper T-Shirt Exchange over dinner in Philly sometime!

I’m in!!! T-Shirts yay!!!

I’ll play - If I can’t find one of my own, I know my spousal unit has T-shirts he’s forgotten that he owns. If one disappears from his dresser, he’d never know… hehehehe

Info forthcoming!

Twickster I have thought of this idea for quite sometime because of a plethora of t-shirts owned. I couldn’t work out how to do the sizing…because I am not nearly as smart as you.

You Rock!
I’m in.

T-shirt Size: L

Wishful Thinking List:
I like retro or vacation destination shirts. I have one from NZ that cost me all of .25 and has saved me $12k at least in not having to go there to travel. It’s one of my favs. Sorry, calmkiwi

I’ll play if anyone is prepared to post a T-shirt to a fat limey.


How FAT are you?


Okay – I’ve gotten the emails from Shirley Ujest, FairyChatMom, and Sunstone. Don’t forget to email me, not just post!

owlstretchingtime – we’ve already got XL Dopers willing to ship internationally, so go ahead and send your info.

Shirley Ujest raised a good question – if you’ve got x-rated (for sex, violence, or language) shirts, this isn’t the time to share them. (The possibility hadn’t even occurred to me, since everything I own is the epitome of good taste. :stuck_out_tongue: )) So – granny-friendly slogans and art only, pls.!

I’m in. Woohooo!!!

OK, I’ll play. Here’s the thing, though - I’m small, but I have and can wear t-shirts of ANY size. So I can be matched up with anyone, as long as someone tells me what size to send.

I’m OK with overseas mailing. E-mail headed your way, twickster, and thanks for orgamanizing!

I’m in. I got shirts galore for any XL type out there. E-mail on the way.

This sounds like great fun, and less work than the Valentine Exchange (enjoyable work though it was); I’m a small and I can send any size. Domestically, please…

I’m in. 2XL all the way! Woot!

Me, too. I have lots of t-shirts that could stand a new home.

Fun idea, twickster. Email sent.

I’m in! Will send the e-mail right after I post this.

(It’s about time we did another exchange!)

sounds like fun. I’m in and I have no problem with international.

I’d join, but I’m under 18. :frowning:

Sorry, Dare Devil – them’s the rules. If this is a success, though, maybe we’ll have another one sometime after you’re legal.