SDMB T-Shirt Exchange

I’m in- but not for me, rather for LilMiss.
She is a tee shirt junkie. Serious tee shirt junkie. She LOVES local tee’s- you know, “Martha’s House O’ Pancakes, Roanoake VA” type of shirts.
And we’ll ship internationally too!!

This Canadian is in. Will ship anywhere, too!

Email has been sent. I’m in – this should be fun! I wear a L, but will take an XL or XXL if you need to match up somebody bigger, and can also send an XL since I used to wear my t-shirts in that oh-so-fashionable bag lady style.

I’ll be sending an xl-shirt from Germany.

I’m in! I’m an L or XL, the stranger the better! I wouldn’t mind sending a shirt to one of those unfortunate Britishers.

I’ll send the email in a moment.

People, people, people –

It just confuses me when you give me more than one size. (BTW, I’m not gonna judge you for wanting an XL [“no! really! I’m just tall! I’m not fat!”].) I myself wear an XL because I have what might most tastefully be described as a “voluptuous” figure and prefer not to display it in a tight T-shirt.

We’re already have good-sized pools on L, XL, and XXL (with only one request so far for an XXXL – and he said he was losing weight so an XXL would be a good incentive). So don’t give me multiples on those sizes – say which one you want. Only two M’s so far, so the one “I’m small but will wear any size” will probably go there to mix up that pool a little.

Please – just tell me what size you want, agree to send one that size, and don’t make this more complicated than it already is.


winterhawk11 just raised a good question in an email –

The sizes we’re talking are the standard, unisex sizes – not those women’s babydoll deals. So when I say XL, I mean men’s/unisex XL – I’d be a gajillion or a gajillion+ in women’s.

Remember, you may or may not be getting something from – or sending to – someone of your gender!

Email sent! I’m an XL, and will ship out of the US to anywhere. I hve two t-shirts in mind to share.

Anyone out there like Kevin Sorbo as Hercules? Got one at a convention as a contest prize, never worn!

I’ll keep all my anti-Fred Phelps t-shirts though, as I figure interest in them in probably limited.

I’m in! L-XL ish for me.

I have a couple t-shirts in mind to send…hmmm…
I like any t-shirts, I have them from the most random places–car repair shops, day care centers I’ve never heard of, etc.

It’s a trap!
It’ll say, I love George Bush


Yeah, if it is one of those horrible babydoll sizings, I’m something like a 40+++xxxx. Cause I got tits nice ones, too.and hamhocks for armsI feel so girly now., m’kay. In the real world ( not the body hugging styles.), an L will do fer me.
I’m so picky.

I’m in, and I may even part with one I love.

And your point is…? :smiley:

May I play too? :slight_smile: E-mail has been sent and I eagerly await to get tons of millions from Nigeria, siding for my house and a penis extension. Not necessarily in that order.


If we are signing up for penis extentions! Kewl!

Twicky, you just rawk :slight_smile:

Yup. As long as I don’t get an XS, it’s all good. :slight_smile:

I’m in too but forgot to post this. I’ve already e-mailed you. XL for me (uh…big boned, yeah, that’s it!) I’ll ship anywhere on the planet> :slight_smile:

Hey! Count me in! Twickster, I will send off an email post haste.

Ooh Fun! Count me into the Small pool!

E-mail sent. Actually, four e-mails sent, cause I’m a spaz.

I didn’t read the entire thread, cause I’m dumb/lazy like that, so I listed two sizes. But this way if there are any other people who wear youth medium and need someone to be paired up with, they’ll have me. And if there’s no one else that wears youth medium, then I can send a shirt to someone that wears adult small.