SDMB Theatre People

Any theatre people here? I’m a Scenic Designer/Technical Director for a small community college in Washington State (the more fun of my two jobs)- and I also act on the rare ocassion.

Actress checking in. Theatre since the age of 5, shortly moving into film. Wish me luck!

I’m a sound designer and composer for theatre in Chicago. Used to be an engineer for one of our big ticket theatres and recently decided to try the freelance thing full time, so now I work mostly for the storefronts and am looking for any work I can find. Its fun being self employed, my recording studio is my attic, so the commute time to work is great!!! But also scary not having a regular check and paying my own insurance and the taxes are much more complicated.

 I've been in theatre since I was a tot, acting from 5 years old till college then shifting gears to design.

great thread!!!

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oh! oh! oh! the “theatre”…excuse me while I go play the grande piano!
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Is there a British colony in Washington that is opening theatres instead of theaters? :smiley:

I’m definitely not a “theatre” person (what’re you, Canadian?).

But as for theater, yes, I am a comedian (standup and improv), actor of vanishingly small distinction, and occasional puppeteer. And I’ve written some stuff. And helped to build sets. All here in Atlanta.

Do thespians count?

Former actress (summer stock, Off-Broadway). “I still AM big—it’s the THEATERS that got small!”

. . . Now a theater historian, and actual card-carrying member of the Ziegfeld Club. Anyone interested in bios of Nora Bayes or Eva Tanguay?

I was a theater person. Majored in technical theater in college, did a bit of acting… haven’t done any since college (unless dancing at a topless bar counts as theater? Well I was on a stage!)

I’ve always longed to be in the movies… but living in the DC 'burbs I somehow don’t see it happening.

no site for this, but as I have always heard it “THEATRE” is the art, “THEATER” is the building.

I had pursued acting until a terrible personal experience drove me into a depression and Post-traumatic stress. Although I considered going back (I love acting) I couldn’t handle the idea of picking up and pursuing it with the same zeal. I still write though and have chosen that as my outlet.

I have to admit, Nymysys, I am envious of anyone who still has the time and inclination to do it! I will be really happy for you when you hit it big! Break a leg! :slight_smile:


Of course it counts, OpalCat! As Teller once said, “There’s only one show business.” Drama, singing, exotic dancing, burlesque, comedy…if you were expressing yourself on stage, it counts, and you should be proud of your work.

I’m a thespian.

I was in a few plays in high school, but my greatest love was backstage. (Yeah Leatherman-bearing techies!)

I write plays a lot as well- my first one was put on two different times.

But backstage is the best. Something about being clad in black, watching the magic from the wings…

Actor here. Actress, if you want to be technical about it. I am a female person who loves acting…there, that works…

My undergrad goal is to get my BFA in acting, although life gets in the way more often than I would prefer and its taking much longer. I would then like to pursue my MFA in acting as well.

In February I will be auditioning for the Chautaqua Institute’s summer theatre training program. fingers crossed I’m also hoping to attend Shakespeare & Co.'s month-long intensive in January of 2002.

I’m currently working as Asst. Stage Manager with a group called HET, Human Experience Theatre. We are putting on sketches and scenes that deal with diversity and human resource issues in the workplace. These sketches are then taken to companies and offices of varying sizes and occupations. We perform the sketches and have Q&A afterwards. It’s really neat.

I’m also rehearsing 2 scenes from David Ives’ All in The Timing - “Foreplay: or The Art of the Fugue” and “English Made Simple” for performance sometime in the beginning of March.

I was one of the few actors in HS and community theatre that got along with the techies. shrug Go figure. I think backstage can be just as fun, if not more so, than onstage. They’re just different and fulfill different parts of the profession. Although my preference may be performing, I do have an affinity for backstage work as well. That, and painting sets. I love to paint sets!

So, yes, I am a theatRE person.


[sub]re=art, er=building[/sub]

I’m an actress, an artistic director of a theatre company in Chicago and a playwright. I adapted John Fowles’ The Collector for the stage two years ago, which was met with rave reviews.

I don’t call myself a “theatre person” because I think sometimes that’s said with disdain.


jarbaby, mind if I ask what theatre company in Chi-town? I’m in Milwaukee and every once in awhile I make it down there. It would be neat to check yours out!

This has nothing to do with your sexual orientation! :wink:

I’m an actress and singer, also a puppeteer. I think it would be fun to work on Sesame Street or something and be the voice of one of the Muppets…too bad that, while I have the lip sync and movements down pat, I never had very good endurance (no arm muscle, I’m too lithe/willowy).

I love acting. I was disappointed to go from female lead of the senior class play to a lowly Jet girl in West Side Story though…she’s not even mentioned in the script. Oh well, I will be the best Donna who ever existed!!!

Hi. I’m Brooke…and I’m a drama queen. (“Hi, Brooke!”) I’ve done the musical theatre thing, the Shakespeare thing (which I love, and want to get into more, if I had more time), but at the moment, I an involved in a fairly sucessful improv comedy group. Until about two weeks ago, we were performing twice a week, once doing straight improv games (think “Whose Line?”) and once doing an improv comedy soap opera, which is indefinately more difficult for me. However, my sister, who’s also the director of the company (nepotism!! woohoo!!), just started her student teaching this semester, so we’re down once a week, just doing the games.

But frankly, anywhere there is a crowd of people, I’m on stage. Who was at the NYC dopefest? :slight_smile:

Well, I hang out with all the thespians, and I can be overdramatic, but I don’t technically act. Oh, and I have been informed that I am doing tech for The King and I.

I guess this applies to me. I am the self titled techie queen at my school. I used to act and sing but now i just work in the booth. I love it.