SDMB Theatre People

Many time actress, one time tour actress, one time director.

I am currently not participating in any theatre productions because I am SO sick of all the political crap. Give me a couple years, then I’ll be back. In the meantime, I satisfy my craving for attention with my jazz singing.

High school stage crew member, currently in my second year. I can fix fresnels and create Fashion Accessories out of the safeties and I’m good at crawling around the catwalk without falling off.

I’ve been an actor for fifteen years (since I was ten). I majored in theatre at Duke, and when I came to Southern Oregon I was accepted into the BFA program. I ended up switching to a political science major though, in part because I didn’t quite have the combination of devotion and talent needed to make a living as an actor. Still love the theatre, though.

See also my Favorite Plays thread awhile back in IMHO. :wink:

Actress/singer/sometimes dancer checking in, although I have performed in a band for productions before. I’ve been informed (unofficially) that I’m to be Annie in “Annie Get Your Gun” this spring. I really hope I do well, because some college theatre professors are supposed to come see the musical.
I’ve been singing ever since I could, dancing since age 3, and acting since about age 9.

Were you a North Carolina Native? (used to live there, years ago)

Damn, this thread fits the bill for me perfectly.

Been a “Theatre Person” (disdain? Bah!) for several years now. From High School, into college, and now my major is going to be Theatre. Personally, I prefer acting, but recently, they’ve found my services as a techie to be more valuable (dammit!).

Anyway, I’ll be taking my Advanced Acting class this semester (damn, that’s gonna be FUUUUUUN). I’ll most likely be providing updates as that goes along.

affects snooty voice

I am a character actor. I was once compared to such luminary greats as John Cleese and Rowan Atkinson. (But I think that was because I’m tall and thin)

I haven’t acted since 1997. I miss it. Last show I did I was a lighting operator, and managed to bugger that up. I haven’t acted in a play since my friend died. He was the one who got me into it all, and also we wrote stuff together. So it’s not the same without him being there. And it was a teeny tiny Repertory theatre, just a bit of a laugh, and a way to while away some evenings. Can’t ask for more, really.

Huh. Where I was they were all the same people. I’d be set designer for one play, and play a role in the next. Or in the case of our HS production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, I did both–designed the set and played Puck. Heh. <—I even have pictures of it. Heh.

Wife and I are both actors, and I’m in the process of preparing a proposal to direct a show. Hamlet, to be exact. But will it play in Kenosha? Hmmm.

Only when I was going to school in Durham. :slight_smile: I was born in California, went to elementary school in Maryland, middle school in Idaho, and high school in Oregon.

HS Thespian here. Techie by preferance, the stage doesn’t hold much interest for me unless I get to sing. Dress me in black and let me make thinsg work.

Stage Manager here.
I majored in Design and Production at NCSA and made my living in theatre for many years as SM in NC, DC and LA.
(enought initals for ya?)
I loved it. I miss my home in the theatre. Trying to start a professional theatre where I live now so I can do it again. I am union (AEA) so can’t work in non union theatre. There is only community theatre here now. But that may change. Art is good for you :slight_smile:
Any other Stage Mangers out there?


All around theater guy. You name it, I have probably done it at some point. Operated sound, lights, hung from rafters hanging lights. (Fun! OK… scares the pi$$ out of me.) Stage Managed…

And of course, been on stage for musicals, plays and stuff. It’s so much fun, it’s definately where I feel my best. I have kind of gotten out of “the life” so to speak. Mostly I do improvisational Comedy now. It gets the acting bug out but I’d love to do more regular acting as well.

(Where in Washington State do you do this? I’m in Vancouver)

If only I could get a well paying job working at a theater or something. <sigh>

I’ve trod the boards… Community theatre for several years and enjoyed it greatly. Working, taking care of the family (the usual excuses) pulled me away from the theatre. I do continue to perform as a storyteller though and have managed to build a modest reputation in my area. Ain’t about to quit the day job, but we hams just gotta have an outlet for our performance jones!

I’m in Bremerton.

I’ve noticed that there seem to be alot of techies here… Anyone else notice how many techies are actors, as well…
Funny how it doesn’t seem to go the other way. :smiley:

I love your pictures!! Puck is so much fun! When we did it, I was Hermia and the guy who played Puck was someone I yanked out of a visitng Jr. High crowd and demanded he take acting when he came to HS. He did. He was Puck and Macbeth, to name two. He is amazing. Currently he is training at ADMA in New York. I take all the credit for his discovery. :wink:

At our HS, it was rarely the same person. We had a stagecraft class and there was a very clear division between the backstage and onstage types. There were only a couple of kids that did both. I really only mean “a couple”. I was the only one that would alternate between playing a lead and pulling a curtain backstage or assembling a set. The only other (few) technical-types that would be onstage were so as extras. My HS was very big on separating people into cliques. Even in the individual subject areas there were these very obvious, close-door cliques.

So I can’t speak for every HS, or even that majority of them. I’m only speaking for mine. :slight_smile:

I majored in Theatre, but I haven’t done any work in theatre in the 6 months since graduation. My unofficial emphasis was in stage management, which I love. My fiance’s looking to become a lighting designer, so I have to get a “real job” until he gets his career off the ground. (this is totally fine with me, btw. I don’t manage money well enough to go into theatre as a career, anyway. Never planned on it.)

So I guess that would be, “yes, I am a theatre person.”


Nothing since high school. But there’s a very small local theatre group looking for people, and I’ve met the director. He liked me, said I could start in a small part if I’d be more comfortable that way. I’m thinking about it. :slight_smile:

Sigh, not in many years, but I’ve acted and directed and whatever else in HS and church productions. I mean, nuttin’ happened on a stage in my school or church that I didn’t have a hand in, usually, in one way or another. I miss it…

First liar hasn’t got a chance. :stuck_out_tongue:

So here goes:

I started acting when I was 11.
I was terrible so…
Tech when I was thirteen.

Designed my first show (lights) when I was thirteen.

I have been a professional designer (sound, lights, scenic) for twenty four years.

I have designed over four hundred productions, with about another two hundred other credits. For a while I was designing about 25 productions a year. It is Hell to be in tech week every other week. :o

I have been director, producer, stage manager, technical director, master electrician, board op, follow op, dresser, carp, scenic painter, designer (the previously mentioned lighting, sound, and scenic), usher, box office, and janitor.

I have worked with Charles Strouse (Writer of Annie), Jerry Bock (Composer of Fiddler), Stuart Ostrow (Producer of Pippen), and Edward Albee (Three Pulizers and counting) among others. I have also once had a lighting and sound design at the Tropicana.

I have a BA in Theatre and a MFA in Theatre: Lighting and Sound.
I am currently a Professor of Theatre Arts at Prairie View A&M University in Texas.

My current Resume is 14 pages long (In tiny, single spaced print).

Do I win? :smiley:

PS: My Great Aunt was one of the original Radio City Music Hall Rockettes. (I wish she could have lived to see my success.)