SDMB Valetines

Anybody else remember elementary school where you gave out 27 valentines and got just as many?

Perhaps we could do a SDMB version. I’m seeing people complaining about never getting any Valentines and I know I would be happy to send some out.

I would be willing to set up an e-mail address, put togther lists and generally take care of things if there is any interest.

I wouldn’t want anyone to have to send out more than…25 valentines or so, so if more people are interested I would want to split up groups.

This is just a quick check to see if anyone wants to try it…I’ll check back later and if it looks promising I’ll set up a yahoo account.

So what do you think?

Sounds like a good plan to me! I love sending out valentines and cards and all sorts of goodies like that! Sign me up!


I’m in.
P.S. - Medea’s Child, I love your name.

racerx I’m pretty fond of it myself… grin Thanks!

Okay, I set up an Drop me an e-mail with name/screen name and snail mail address.

Oh! to clarify. I am thinking of basic little kid, tear on the dotted line boxed valentines, not individual Hallmark cards…

Turpintine and TruePisces have e-mailed me…

great idea, but I’ve gotta pass; next year is a definate yes though, when I move to our new house-
but Medea’s Child, regardless, I Would love to be your Valentine

'Kay, I’m in. You should have my email.

I’m all for it. You should get my email soon.

Wow, that’s another 25 Internet psychos getting my address. :wink:

Boo-ya! (I just wanted to say boo-ya for some really weird reason.)
Sure, count me in.
And I don’t know about Kat, but I love internet psyco’s having my address.

I love all of you, why not? If I’m going to go all out for my bestest friends in real life(once I get those sugar cookies right) then I might as well do something for all the rest of my internet buddies. You’ll be getting all the info soon.


It’s cheap and I love mail, so you can certainly count me in!

I think this a great idea. Your kindness speaks well of you. As usual.

Unfortunately, despite several friendships here, there’s really only one person I want to give an SDMB valentine to. I’d mention her name, but she might get a swelled head.

[sub]Despite the fact that she spelled “Valentine” wrong. And in the title[/sub]

But while I might not be into the whole exchange thing, I’ll humbly offer to help you out, Kathryn, however I can.

Okay, I have gotten e-mails from Sapphire Bullet, MannyL, bouv, FPK, Arden Ranger, Kat, mega the roo and Trouble Again.
I’ll let this go until Monday of next week and then I’ll send out a big mass e-mail to everyone.

Thanks for signing up, people…I think its a cute idea, but have been known to have some really immature ideas of “cute”

Dan, if you’re not going to be in my Valentine’s Day project I have no need of thee. I’ll be too busy. :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously, I think I’ve got it handled.

You know, when I was a kid and we did this in grade school, I always thought it was quite a farce because I really don’t think most of those kids actually gave a damn about each other. They certainly didn’t act that way.

This, on the other hand, actually makes sense, as I’ve come to care a great deal for this little community, and I’m sure many of you have too. So I’ll endorse the stamp buying frenzy that will ensue.

[sub]The mailman is going to think I’m a real Casanova or something. grin[/sub]

This may be the first Valentine’s Day I give a darned about in some time! Great idea!

Me too Me too.

(You should have my e-mail now)

Thank you Medea’s Child!!! What a nice way to put some fun back into the day!


Sure, why not. I’ll send you my address.

Okay, I have addresses for Uncle Bill, racerx, Pandora and Grace.

Please send me a snail me address to the yahoo address. My hotmail account listed does get to me, but I don’t want to screw this up, so I’d like all of this to go to the yahoo account. ( Sorry if this sounds abnormally anal (especially from me) but I really don’t want anyone to get lost. (It means I care…there are some professors who would die to see me sweat this hard to keep organised.)

Like I said, I’m going to wrap this up around Monday, 29 January, and have everything sent out by the first of Feb. I hope.

I also think this is going to be a lot of fun. I have crayons and glitter in my room, so I may be making valentines.

Are you saying you want us to resend our addresses? Or, are you asking that anyone who hasn’t sent his/her address send it to the yahoo account?

No, Grace, if I said I have your address, I still have it. In two places. (I’ll probably screw up eventually, but I’m saving it for later.) [sub]I also transfered your addy to the yahoo account, but I’d like to keep everything in that account if possible. I won’t tell if you won’t…oops[/sub]

I recieved an e-mail sans snail mail addy though, and thats not going to help…

Okay, new people I’ve added include mrblue92, Narile, and msrobyn.