SDMB Wine Club - Week 20

I think that coconut may be where I found the hoppy-ness.

I’m not sure that this wine would pair with much in the way of dinners, but would be awesome with a fall dessert.

Not sure if Jodi is back yet. If she doesn’t jump in by tomorrow afternoon, we’ll proceed on to the next selection.

However, if you just haven’t had the opportunity to try this one yet don’t feel like you’ve missed the boat. There is no time limit.

I was sure my previous post to this went through, but I guess not. I also found the Hogue. I found it pleasant and crisp, and not as sweet as I had feared. My wife and daughter really liked it.

I’m a couple of wines behind. Just finished the Terazza(s), so these will be next. I need to get busy drinking!

You might try it with some spicy Thai or Chinese food. The spicier the food, the more you want some residual sugar to cut through it and the more likely that the food will ruin a dry wine-- white or red, but especially red.

I’m here! But it’s not Thursday. New thread on Thursday.

And thanks for covering. :slight_smile:

Damn. You’ve mentioned that before, and I forgot. Thanks!

We’ve secretly replaced Jodi’s calendar with one from 2006. Let’s see if she notices…

Christ, is it Thursday?

I swear I thought it was Wednesday. This jet lag stuff is killin’ me. That and the possibility I might have eaten head cheese last week.

Okay, new thread comin’ up! Please feel free to continue to discuss the Reisling.

OK, drinking the Kiona LH Riesling right now. 2004 vintage.

I’m just not getting much from this wine.

I am a huge fan of dessert wines, but this one is just not for me. It’s light bodied for a LH Riesling, almost seems like they couldn’t decide between a sweet yet somewhat dry Riesling and a dessert Riesling, and landed somewhere in the middle.

The only aromas I could really get out of it was fresh Concord grapes and candied citrus. The taste was about the same, and just didn’t seem to balance for me.

I think I just look for a little more lushness and decadence from dessert wines, and this one just fell short. I’m glad I got to try it, but for my money, there are some much better examples of a LH riesling out there than the Kiona, or at least the Kiona 04 vintage.

They had the Hogue at BevMo but I didn’t pick it up. I’ll go get a bottle tomorrow.

psycat90, did you pick up the Hogue? I’d be interested in your thoughts. I’m a complete novice with Rieslings (and only marginally more knowledgable about other wines), so if you get a chance I’d like to know what other wines you would recommend in the Late Harvest Riesling category. I was surprised to find that this type of wine was appealing to me, and I think that I’d like to try some more.

Not yet. Too many end of harvest parties! :wink: I’ll pick it up on the way home and enjoy it while I give candy to the trick or treaters.

A little sweet treat of my own. As they say, candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.