SDMB Wine Club -- Week Five

Sorry I’m late with this – I forgot all about it late last week and then I was out of town for the weekend.

Our sommelier this week is Brainiac4! Looking forward to a great pick! :slight_smile:
The link to Week Four’s wine selection is here.

We have a wine club and we’re on week five already? Looks like I have some catching up to do!

The more the merrier, pravnik! All the threads link to one another.

My pick is the Toad Hollow “Risque” - a sweet sparkling white. Opal will definitely like it.

I’m picking this for a few reasons. One is that **Ass for a Hat **stole my pick – I was going to choose the Liberty School, dangit. Another is that we’ve had enough reds in a row, and it’s time to mix it up a bit.

But mostly I’m picking this one because it harks back to my past. I’ve only recently been converted to drinking wine (it was my anniversary present to **Dangerosa **last year, as I have mentioned before). Until that time, I rarely drank wine at all, and if I did, it was sweet whites. The Risque is one of the few wines that Dangerosa could get me to drink, and it’s one of her favorites.

Don’t try it with a meal unless it’s a light one - have it with dessert, and serve it cold.

From the Toad Hollow description:

This is an…interesting choice. I’ll give it a shot. :slight_smile: (I’ve been following these threads while my wife participates, but I haven’t yet taken part)

Nice. I’m heading up to Healdsburg in about an hour for lunch (the Wine Library has become my home away from home.)
The Toad Hollow tasting room is just of the square and about a block or two away from the library. I’ll stop in to taste what they’re pouring and buy a couple of bottles.

I know I’ll like this one, I recently brought something very similar to a wine club meeting. Sweet and sparkly, two of my faves! I might need to whip up a trifle to go along with it.

A WHITE!!! Yay!

Not that I don’t enjoy reds, but for a while there I thought it was the SDMB Red Wine Club.

I don’t usually like sweet wines – really don’t like the so-called “dessert wines” – but I have great faith and appreciation for the Dopers’ picks, so I’m looking forward to checking out Brainiac’s selection.

Yay for sweet, sparkling wines! And two nearby shops carry it, too.

Sorry I stole your thunder. I didn’t have any particular attachment to that wine…it was just a spur of the moment choice while I was in the wine store. What are the chances?

I look forward to this week’s bottle.

how do I find out who carries a wine? I have had a horrible time finding wines.

You may not like this - it is SWEET and sparkling. But, hey, its a not very expensive bottle of wine. Don’t like it, pour it down the sink. And, the cork will pop.

I tasted it first at a chocolate and wine tasting, where it was paired with a mocha truffle.

I’m not a champagne fan (too yeasty), this is what I bring for “champagne events” like graduations. Sophisticated, it aint. But its fun.

From Toad Hollow’s website - How to find our wines - Hope that helps.

I picked up 2 bottles of the Risque, a bottle of their Erik’s the Red, and a bottle of Dry Rose.

I tried most of their wines, including a Sauv Blanc the winemaker had just opened, but it won’t be released until next week. It was so good, I’m sure I’ll be back next week to pickup a bottle or two. (I did taste the Risque while at the Tasting Room, but I’ll save my notes for Friday, and I will definitely be buying the ingredients for that trifle.) :wink:

The closest place is in Turner Oregon?! I thought I was in wine country!

No no. That’s the name and number of a distributor. Call them to ask what retailers they sell to.

Bummer. I’m 3 for 0 for the last three picks - between being sick and out of town I missed the last two, and this pick isn’t available anywhere around here.

Maybe I’ll open one of the sweeter L. Mawbys in the cellar and report on that. It’s a a sparkly made in Michigan, and rates right up there with some California sparklies.

A little help for anyone else having trouble finding this particular wine:

See if your local wine shop carries any other Blanquette de Limoux, a sparkling wine (considered the original) from the Limoux region of France, which is what the Risque is. Even though it’s labeled for Toad Hollow in Healdsburg, it’s produced and bottled in France by Sieur d’Arques.

If the wine shop doesn’t carry any Blanquette, a sparkling wine or Champagne labeled ‘Sec’ would also be comparable.

Don’t give up on Champagne too quickly. Not everything out there is yeasty to the max. In fact, for New Year’s, we opened a bottle of 1990 Charles Heidsieck, and it was fantabulous. Not yeasty at all, with a lovely butterscotch flavor. I think, unfortunately, that Champagne is very much a “you get what you pay for” scenario, though. The higher the price, the more complex and enjoyable the bottle.

I’ve had Dom and other high end champagnes - I taste yeast (a great taste in bread, not a good taste in wine). Used to date a guy who thought I should drink champagne - and had the wallet to bankroll me through “good” champagne. Twenty bottles and three months later he said “you don’t like champagne.”

I don’t drink beer either - since I don’t like hops. I’ve been told “try non-hoppy beer” - nope, if its been made with hops, I don’t like it.

Interesting. Well, if you ever get a change to taste a Champagne that has been sitting around for a while (ours had been cellared for over ten years, and was 17 years from the vintage date), you might find it significantly less yeasty than some “just born” bottles, even if they are very expensive ones. Aging seems to reduce the yeast flavor.

Of course, I’m a total Champagne whore, so what works for me may not for you. :slight_smile:

I think I’m gonna make this a “bye” week for me. The selected wine has three things I never want in my wine: sweet, sparkling and white. It sounds like an interesting selection nonetheless, and I am interested in reading what people have to say about it, just to expand my knowledge base a bit.