SDMBers with Toronto connections! Can you help my friend find an apartment?

Hi, everyone!

i’m opening this thread to ask for help for a friend. I’ve gotten permission from the mods. (Thanks, Cajun Man!)

A friend of a friend is in great need of a place to live. Here is an anonymised version of the message I received:

Would any member with connections in Toronto know of a place this family could move to? I think that they have to be out of their existing apartment really soon, possibly even by the end of December.

If you have any information, could you message me? My email’s in my profile.


Hi, that situation really sucks. Just a thought - have you turned them on to craigslist toronto? If you click on apts/housing, there are plenty of places out there.

It would be a matter of doing the legwork (or calling around) to find out whether certain places are wheelchair accessible.

Good luck! Peter Wiggen

I know little of craigslist, though I’ve heard the name. I’ll check it out and send it on! Thanks!.

Well since you are somewhat unfamiliar with craiglist, here’s a direct link to the toronto apartment/housing listings: link.

As you can see there were almost 50 listings for apartments TODAY. I have found multiple apartments on craigslist (including one that had to be done in a week) - it’s the first place I look.

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I’ve forwarded the information. Thanks!

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Sadly, I received a message last night that S’s husband died. He had been declining for some time, but no-one expected this so soon. I do not know what this means for S’s apartment search, or anything else; just that this is even more for her to bear.

I’ll be keeping them in my thoughts.

Aw, man hugs :frowning:

There are a few rental guide magazines around Toronto, I’ll take a look…