SDRAM recommendations

Any suggestions as to the best brand of SDRAM? Is Kingston worth the extra money? How about Crucial Technology? Anyone got experience with this question?


I just got a generic 128MB PC 133 chip to bring my system up to 320 MB for 44$ (+ shipping) and its working like a champ.

I’ve had both good and bad luck with generic memory.

However…if you feel you can trust the vendor enough to exchange any memory you have a problem with, then go for it. Memory rarely if ever fails unless it’s mistreated, so once you’ve confirmed that the memory is working OK in your machine, you shouldn’t have any problems. This is why so many vendors can afford to offer lifetime warranties on memory - it’s extremely rare that anyone ever needs to take advantage of them.

When you compare, ensure that the generic specs are what you’re looking for; I’ve found that some generics have a higher CAS rating (e.g. CAS 3 instead of CAS 2) than name-brand memory sold right next to it.

From where I sit, Kingston is the less expensive alternative.

Top four computer manufacturers make a better margin from accessories, and will only support their hardware with their own memory in it. (To their credit, they also have strickter standards).

If you don’t care too much about warranty, Kingston is a good choice, don’t know enough about the others to commnet. But there really are not too many major SDRAM manufacturers, so you’ll likely get something from of the the few regardless of how (or by who) it’s packaged. You may get someone’s rejects if you go for the real cheap stuff, but it may still work just fine as others have said.

I like PNY. Tigerdirect has 128 chips for $59.00 now, but I couldnt find who makes em.