Sea Monkeys - live free or die

My kids received sea monkeys for Christmas. We hatched them and now are the proud owners of a dozen or so. I read that they can live up to two years. Two years! The kids have lost interest so what do I do with a bunch of sea monkeys no one wants? I can’t flush them down the toilet; I would feel too guilty about bringing life into the world and then deliberately destroying it. Friends don’t want them either. Suggestions?

Change your user name to shrimpymommy.

Well, it could be a good way to teach the kids responsiblity in case you get a cat/dog/hamster.

I remember I bought them once when I was 10 and put all of the stuff in the castle thingy and forgot about 'em in a cabinet in my bedroom. A couple weeks later I was looking for a toy and found 'em swimming around. Those things must be kinda hearty.

Feed ‘em to fish – that’s what happens to most of the brine shrimp sold. They’re storable, reconstitutable live food.
Otherwise, don’t feel too bad about them. They won’t thrive in fresh water and I suspect they’
ll die in the ocean, too. Unless you happen to be near a salt lake, or want to build yourself a salt water aquarium of the right salinity they’re going to die, anyway.

Buy a goldfish to eat the shrimp. Then, if your kids get tired of the goldfish, get a cat. Keep trading up until you have an animal capable of fending for itself in the wild.

Sea monkeys are a variety of brine shrimp, so a quick boil followed by a touch of cocktail sauce is one way to go (don’t think of it as destroying life, but rather as a natural step in the food-raising process). Alternatively, flush them and think about their making their way to the ocean, where they can be united with untold numbers of relatives. Happy ending (for someone) either way you go. :slight_smile:

By the way – I’ve been in the Salt Lake in Utah. They have plenty of relatives cavorting in the wild. Hundreds in every cubic meter of salt water. It’s not like there’s going to be a worldwide shortage of brine shrimp caused by home hobbyists flushing them down the toilet. Nor are there going to be great Plagues of Sewer-borne sea monkeys, breeding in the sewers and providing sustenance to the gators already lurking down there.

And the beauty of it is, the wild bear-eating apes will freeze to death in the winter.

Except for the part where one of the traded up animals will likely hunt and kill the kids. Circle of life, hakuna matata and all that shit.

Thank you for your suggestions, I think we’ll go with Skammer’s suggestion as Plan B.

Do minimal maintenance and let nature take it’s course. My kid got one of those starter kits and before long there were tons of monkeys. You say 10. Look again or check in a week. Bet you will find many. They are quite translucent and difficult to see in room light. Try the sun or a flashlight to change the reflective value of their bodies. All I know is they eventually all died on their own in a few weeks.

We are on our fourth month, having started the kit in December. No one seems to be dying yet.

Sea Monkeys are extremely hearty and incredibly low maintenance. Feed 'em once a week or if there’s algae growing in the tank, they’ll eat that instead. Keep the tank in partial sunlight to maintain the algae and they’re good. Really, you don’t have to do anything, just ignore the tank until your last (enormous) monkey finally kicks it.

The Sea-Monkey site is unclear. First it says they can live for two years in a suspended state till they hatch. Then it says, the TANK as a whole will live for two years. But it’s unclear whether this means each shrimp or the colony as such, including additional baby sea monkeys etc.

I like this part from the website:

Talk about guilit. Throwing babies out :smiley:
But should you decide to flush them

Yeah right, they grow into 12 foot killer sea monkeys with fangs and claws.:smiley:

My little brother had sea monkeys. It was a fight for survival as they began to cannibalize each other with vigor. Eventually there was just one giant brine shrimp all alone in the jar. It was about the size of a pencil eraser.

We dumped him in the Great Salt Lake :smiley:

EvilTOJ: Sounds like the lone survivor scored Total Victory: He ate his competition, and was set free to live with his own kind.

GaryT: Sea monkeys are too tiny, IIRC, to be useful in cocktail sauce.

A friend got my three-year-old Sea Monkey on the weekend because he wants to live vicariously through my kids and his wife won’t let him get some for himself. I just put the damned eggs in. When said friend has kids I am buying them a puppy to get back at him.

I learn something new every time I come here. I had no idea sea monkeys were just shrimp.

You should train them like a flea circus, put youtube videos of them doing their thing, make tons and tons of money with Sea Monkey Circus t-shirts, caps and mugs, encase them forever in a plastic cube, then sell the cube to a museum as the “World’s First Sea Monkey Celebrities.”