Sea Otter Cam

Inspired by this thread.

Sea Otter Cam in Moss Landing, CA (near Monterey)

Cool, but I wanna see waves and splashing.

Heh. One of my favorite spots on the coast :). A few of those guys around the docks are so used to people you can walk right up to them and snap pictures from your cell phone from five feet away while they are busy busting open mussels on boat hulls. Sorta nasty critters really, as befits big water weasels ( never, ever read up on their mating habits, especially the frustrated adolescents ). But definitely king of the cute!

I don’t see otters.

I can see powerboats running over ripples that might be sea otters.

Yeah, they’re there. They’re always at that spot. However that camera is pulled way too far out to get a decent look at the frolicking.