Sea serpent (or pretty good facsimile thereof) found

With respect to the recent cryptozoological threads, it’s worth pointing out that an 18-foot oarfish just washed up on a California beach. Oarfish have long been suspected as being responsible for some “sea serpent” sightings because of their long, silvery shape and sinuous swimming motion. Opponents dismissed the possibility because most serpent sightings indicated a creature much bigger than most oarfish.

This example of the rare deep-sea fish is approximately six times larger than average, and establishes the possibility of others of a similar or larger size.

They killed Cecil! sob

The article says they can grow to 50 feet.

Yeah, I’d say that qualifies as a sea serpent. :eek:

There was a documentary not too long ago (I think it was on the NG channel) about the Loch Ness Monster. It turns out there’s a species of humungous cold-water shark whose habitat is very deep fjords and channels. They seldom come near the surface, so sightings are extremely rare. They have, however, found sets of jaws that are larger than those of the Great White.

I’ve been looking for the documentary on YouTube, but haven’t managed to find it yet.

This is why I stay away from the ocean.

They have a large one (or a large sculpture of one) up on a wall at the San Diego Natural History Museum. I remember seeing it for the first time when I was about 6 years old and it was the coolest thing I’d ever seen.

<obscure-reference>Thor must be breathing a sigh of relief today.</obscure-reference>

DAMMIT! I can see why folks would think it a Sea Monster!


It looks like Godzilla’s Sperm! With eyes!

Amateur Barbarian beat you.

Well there’s the great sea serpent. Now I want a bigfoot!!


Longest bony fish in the world. But in my days it was called a paddlefish.

No, not that Cecil! This Cecil! (ETA: Still… sob)

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Jeez, can you imagine the size of the aquarium That fish cleaned the glass of? That man must be one Hell of a Dentist…

So those people found a huge dead rotting fish on the beach and all decided to pick it up to pose for the photograph?

Er, no. A marine science instructor found an unusual specimen while snorkeling and brought it close to shore, where other staff members helped get it out of the water. Since they were already handling it in order to retrieve it for study and instructional purposes, they might as well take a picture with it–having people in the photo provides a sense of scale (NPI). It probably wasn’t very far gone, anyway, since it appears mostly intact, apparently including the eyes.


Sorry to resurrect, but here’s some good video of two oarfish swimming and well alive in La Paz. Cool underwater footage! I find all this so fascinating! There’s a couple ancient myths about killer sea serpents that may not really be myths, just embellished. :smiley:

However, at the same time, this sea creature tells me is both beautiful and freakin’ terrifying! This is why we know the ocean is not a safe place, same with space. Jellyfish and now these ancient fish dudes? Hey, great to see ya, but how about practicing living 1,500 feet below, like, all the time?

There’s a life-size sculpture of one in the Hall of Ocean Life at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, too.