Sean Hannity and douchebag guests

It seems appropriate that Joe Wilson would go on Hannity for his first interview after the “You Lie” fracas.

This is the same guy who hosted anti-Semite Andy Martin and birther Joe Corsi. When people like that are on, he doesn’t bother lobbing even softballs.
And that’s not even getting into how he firmly had his lips wrapped around George Bush’s willie when he was on the show.

Poor Sean, struggling to keep up. The lies are pumped out with equal fervor by Limbaugh, Beck has the whole total loon thing pretty well nailed down, leaving Sean with only his ginormous head.

But Pitting him is an exercise if futile, if admirable, outrage. Anyone who can listen to five minutes of his crap without realizing what a total tool he is, such a person is too stupid to make their own oatmeal. Next time, Joe: don’t bother. Its Chinatown, Jake.

The thing is millions of people listen and believe these guys, millions. It staggers the imagination that anyone could take their programs seriously, the level of bullshit is worse than when I used to listen to Radio Moscow on short-wave.

“The people wish to be deceived, so let them be deceived”. I think someone said that once.

you lie!

If religion is the opiate of the masses I submit that politics in the good 'ol USA is reaching religious furver.

Well, birds of a feather flock together

Yeah, and, uh, a rolling stone gathers no moss . . .

. . . and if you’re rolling moss, it won’t get you stoned.

Pear pimples for hairy fishnuts!

Well this took quite a turn.

I looked for the interview on youtube, but all I found was a dickroll :frowning:

Bill & Opus in 2012: This time, why not the worst?

Back to the OP…

I think you will probably see Hannity get more and more outrageous over the coming months. The reason: Glenn Beck. Beck is obviously a total loon, but for some bizarre reason his lunacy is connecting with the section of middle America that is fucking nuts and desperate.

His ratings are going through the roof (for cable news - remember, network news still kicks cable news ass) - and Hannity is most certainly jealous/threatened. He’s been the big dog in right wing stupidity for ages at Fox and now Beck (who some say is angling for prime time) is outperforming him in both ratings and craziness.

Leads to the question that occasionally haunts me: how does the rightard ecosystem support so many of them? I can easily think of at least ten: Rush, Sean, Glen Blecch, Mike the Savage Weiner, Michelle Merkin, Michael Medfly, on and on and on, and that’s just the A-list celebrities! Are they all getting advertising from companies that sell gold to rubes and Sleep Number beds? Who is writing all these checks?

I’ve heard it said that people who follow rightard radio are serial dupes. Lefties might listen to one lefty talker, but few really do, and only one a day. Whereas rightards will listen to Rush from 8-11, Sean from 11 to2, Blecch from 2 to 5, and so one.

But I still don’t get it. There are just as many know as there was when the Bushiviks were in the ascendancy, now they are not and nothing appears to have changed much in terms of the ecosystems ability to sustain useless carbon life forms.

Who’s writing all these checks, and why?

I can attest, after a fashion.

I just spent a few days in the hospital (don’t fret your little head, I’m okay (gall bladder surgery complications)). My roommate was an older, hard of hearing, gentleman. He had FOX ‘News’ blasting from his side of the room starting at 6:00 every goddamned morning and it did not leave that channel untill he finally turned it off somewhere around 10:00pm. No exaggeration. All freaking day I had that insipid channel assaulting my senses.

Do you know how much the feeling of, “Did I die and slip into some concentric circle of hell?” enters your mind when you’re gooned on morphine and the first voice you hear when you enter your hospital room is Glen Fucking Beck’s?

I was praying for a death panel at that point.