More Hard News From Fox.

Thanks, Jon Stewart.

No surprises here.

The caption reads:

This is a blog post from the New York Times. The post quotes a Fox News spokesperson, “Sean will address this on his show tonight.”

It’s been kind of fun, today, watching all the threads about this on the Hannity forums get sent to the cornfield.

You got your tea bag in my douche!
You got your douchebag in my tea!

There’s a line from Man of La Mancha: “Do not let facts get in the way of Truth!”.

Hannity will claim this is just nitpicking by the libruls trying to avoid facing the fact that “America” opposes the very people it has elected.

I have my mom visiting for 3 weeks, so I have to sit thru at least an hour and a half of FNC daily plus her own FNC-inspired wharrgarbling, or else totally snub her whenever I’m home.

I cope by mentally undressing the anchorwomen.

Block FNC on your TV using the parental controls. Those are for controlling what your parents watch, right?

The title of your thread title infers you are talking about Fox News. The Fox News banner clearly states “Thousands converge on Capital”. You’re referring to a criticism of Sean Hannity.

You are aware, one might hope, that Sean Hannity’s show is, in fact, hosted by Fox News?

I’m not sure what that sentence even means? He’s not a news show. they share a network. What’s your point?

I think the point is that the corporation is ultimately responsible for what it puts on the air, and for the actions its employees take in the performance of their jobs.

I think you meant “implies” here.

So what’d Hannity say? Anything good for Jon to use in tomorrow night’s show?

So what did Hannity say?

They don’t “share” a network. He works for the network. He speaks for the network.

I’m curious what he said too, but he’s the one rightie I can’t stomach even for 30 seconds anymore. The only thing I’m sure of is that he won’t take responsibility or acknowledge any dishonesty.

I’m betting he played “blame the intern”.

Good question! :smiley:

Apparently, with five minutes left in his show, Hannity said: “Although it pains me to say this, Jon Stewart, Comedy Central, he was right…It was an inadvertent mistake but a mistake nonetheless.”

“Inadvertent mistake”??? I mean, was it a million to one shot? Did that old footage just fall into the new footage by accident?