The PermaPit "FOX News is full of s***" Thread

Oh yes, yet another “FOX is full of shit” thread, but in the interest of effcieincy, much like "The Stupid Republican Idea of the Day’ thread, I think maybe just one omnibus thread about how corrupt and decietful FOX “News” is may be in order.

Case in point, Sean Hannity uses old footage to make tea party look bigger uncovered of course, by real newsman, Jon Stewart.

Of course it took Jon Stewar to explain FOX News. But then again whatl are you to do when the CNNs of the world won’t do it.

FOX news is full of shit.

Well, they did at least call Sarah Palin on her latest coin conspiracy bullshit.

Let’s not forget that they sued for the right to lie-- and won.

What I think the courts were saying is that there is no law that says news shows have to tell the truth.

Which would make sense; the courts would be gridlocked with endless lawsuits arguing what the “truth” is. I don’t see the system wanting to take on questions that not even philosophers have resolved. :slight_smile:

And what coin conspiracy, just to ask?

Coins were approved (when the Republicans were in the majority in Congress), moving “In God We Trust” to the edge of the coin. Sarah Palin deemd it a big bad gawdless librul conspiracy.

I shudder to think that this woman once had a decent chance of being only a heartbeat away from the presidency. She would have made Bush look like Thomas Jefferson.

Sean Hannity? Lying? Misleading?

Next you’ll be telling me the pope is Catholic and Bears defecate in the forest.

That case is about WTVT, a local Fox broadcasting station in Tampa owned by Fox Broadcasting which is owned by News Corp. It’s a pretty tenuous connection to Fox News. It’s one thing to hate anything related to News Corp and Rupert Murdoch but this thread seems to be about Fox News, not Fox Broadcasting’s local stations.

And the courts ruled that an FCC rule against lying doesn’t meet the requirements for protection under whistle blower statutes. It’s a real stretch to turn that into “Fox News sues for right to lie to people”.

Fox News is such a fucking awful “news” organization, you really don’t need to twist flimsy transgressions into things they’re not. This is like getting outraged about the time Andy Hitler, Adolph’s cousin, shot a cat with a sling shot.

Tonight’s episode of South Park, which featured Eric Cartman as a Glenn Beck-like morning announcements reader, was wicked hilarious.

I thought the Pope was the one that shat in the forest.

I’m confused …

Ah, Sarah Palin. The answer to the question “What would happen if George W. Bush and Dan Quayle had a baby?”

Not to mention that the Florida TV station was supported in a brief by “five friends”* (five major broadcast outlets including Cox).

*reminiscent of the “Five Families”.

Hate linking to huffpost, but here is Hannity “admitting” the wrong footage:

Can someone tell me how exactly an “inadvertent mistake” like that might happen? Did someone just happen to have tea party footage laying around while they were editing?

It wasn’t inadvertant, nor is it the first or (second or third) time that Hannity has used tampered video clips on his show, but he knows that Stewart can’t PROVE it was intentional, so the best defnsive strategy was to appear to acknowledge a “mistake” while not really taking responsibility or admitting dishonesty.

Even going as far as he did is unsual for Hannity, but he might be wary of getting into a pissing contest with TDS after seeing what happened to that Cramer guy from CNBC.

He sort of seems to be provoking him with the “we win because you watch us” comment, although he can’t possibly be unaware of who’s benefited more.

It doesn’t matter, Hannity knows his viewers fall into two basic categories, the true believers and those who watch simply to scorn. His “apology” affects nothing substantial, the true believers will point with pride to how honest and forthcoming Hannity is.

This is not to denigrate the comedic value of seeing them step on their dick.

Daily Show’s response to Hannity’s “apology”.

It was a battle of wits and Sean Hannity displayed about half the wit of Jon Stweart.

See, I don’t find this funny. Jon Stewart’s funny, but that Sean Hannity exists and does the show he does is not. I metaphorically took the bear’s way out long ago. For instance, I haven’t been able to listen to Bush speak more than about ten words since 2006 or so because it hurts my brain so.

This was brilliant on so many levels. Took it off the studio floor, and had Stewart at home waiting for the apology, begging Hannity’s “Glad you watch us” neener, showing that watching was torture, down to teddy bears hanging themselves and dead flowers on the table. To then take it to a the “once young” staffer, forced to watch, and aged, yep, brilliant, they really covered all the bases here.

Surprised that the Big Giant Head even did as much as he did, in terms of acknowledging a pooch-screwing. I remember way back, when I didn’t hate him half as much. Watched one night when he claimed that the WMD had been found, and demanded apologies from every leading critic of Bush, by name, crowing to the skies about how they were all wrong, wrong wrong!

Well, you know the rest, next morning it came out that this big find was just a bunch of outdated artillery shells, total crap. So I watched that night, to see how he would handle it, what wine goes good with crow…

Nothing. Not so much as a word. Its like it didn’t even happen. Poof! Gone.