Seantor Strom

Senator Strom Thurmond is now 98 years old. In addition to being President Pro Tem of the Senate, he’s still at least a figurehead chairman of committees and certainly has one of 100 votes on the senate floor. Disregarding his politics and the amount of work he actually does (as opposed to his staff) I have a simple question.

Can anyone think of a politician who is still in a position with some national responsibility and power at the age of 98? I don’t mean some small-town mayor who still goes into the office every day, I mean someone with real (or at least perceived) clout – a Senator, Member of Parliament, minister, or maybe a chief of state. Even dictators seem to all die in their 80’s.

Like him or hate him he’s a remarkable person… but people live well over 100 these days so as long as he’s perceived as “doing his job” then why should his age make any difference? He could keel over and die tomorrow… but then so could you.

I find it humerous that many people urged him to retire at age 70 because they felt he was getting a little old to be a senator…

Well, actually, we South Carolina voters are kinda voting for his staff these days. :slight_smile: Honestly, nobody believes he’s really all that aware and active these days - but his seniority does a lot for the state.

My dad, die-hard Republican, just got a letter from his office confirming that he will not, indeed, run again - and asking for money and votes against the Democratic threat. I remember the phrase “At this very moment, Democratic Congressmen are plotting to shift the balance!” The word “nefarious” was not used but strongly implied. It was a great political letter - full of exhortations and such. Profoundly entertaining.

Oh - why do people vote for him? Two words - constituent services. Everybody’s got a story of how Strom helped them out in one way or another. I’ve heard that if you get married in South Carolina and send him an invitation, he’ll send you a silver platter.