Search for a book title

I am looking for a book I read in my youth. My memory may not be dependable, but the plot revolves around a family of squatters, a father a son and the twins - and their baby sitter. They were originally from appalatia I believe. The father was keen on taking whatever the government would give. The son and narrator was a ex-military and was discharged due to a back injury. He got said injury moving a truck out of the mud. The plot line follows a local government trying to get them to move off of a development sight.

I remember the title as “Yankee go home” but a quick scan of said titles at Amazon did not reveal the book I am remembering.

Somewhere in my dim mind I seem to think Elvis may have starred in a film adaptation.

I got it!

Pioneer, Go Home by Richard Powell.

I had no clue until you mentioned Elvis. The movie version was Follow That Dream.

By golly, I believe you are correct! Thanks!

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: