Search not working

I’ve tried to search several times tonight (including New Post and finding my own posts) and get a 500 error:

It may right itself, but I thought I’d report it.

It’s working for me, right now at least.

I’ve checked again, and it’s still happening for me, but ONLY for advanced search. Due to the 120 second limit it’s difficult for me to test what creates it, I was searching for a Username and a single search term in all forums under advanced search.

Just sent you a PM to send me the name and term you’re after. I’ll search at the same time and see what happens.


Sent you an email with the solution.

It failed for me the first time–not because there is something currently wrong with search, just the quirkiness of using some search words.


I’m getting the same thing now. Chrome v 53.0.2785.116 m.

What exactly are you getting? Are you getting the 500 error, is the search just failing, or what?

I just tried several different search terms and most of my searches went just fine, but I think I stumbled across a search word that the search function doesn’t like as every search I tried with the word “working” failed with a white screen.

ETA: If you want to PM me the exact search you were trying, I can try the same thing and let you know what happens.

Was searching for funny youtube; ended up making a necropost instead.

I can search for funny.
I can search for youtube.
I can search for youtube funny.
But I can’t search for funny youtube.

So it’s not just you. SDMB search engine be wonky.

Bill Saluga?

Ha! There’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. I don’t think I’ve seen anything from him since the 70s.

Every time I try to do a search it says I need to wait 120 seconds - even though I hadn’t done any search previously!

Even when I wait that 120 seconds (or more), it still says I am required to wait 120 second between searches :confused: