Search on Napster: I am clueless!

Really! I had posted on Yahoo an ad looking for specific oldies titles. I got an e-mail from someone saying that all but one of the titles I was hunting for–“The Honeywind Blows”–are available ‘on Napster.’ So I went there and looked at the search instructions; it said to click on Search on the Napster Navigation [tool]bar. Well, I couldn’t find that. do any Dopers know how to find titles, beginning with the Napster home page? Thanks very much. :slight_smile:

Sorry, **dougie[/]b, I think you are out of luck. From what I understand from reading your posts you use a library computer to access the internet. Napster is a program that you download and run. You then use it to search for songs, and download the songs.

Most libraries frown on installing software, so I doubt you will be able to use Napster, unless you have your own computer ot run it on.

You could try other MP3 search engines, like scour or something to find the MP3 files. You can then download the audio files directly from the site. Of course, this assumes that the library computers allows you to listen to music files.



Even though, I cannot close a bold code, trust me my information is correct.

How embarrasking… preview preview preview.

There, practice makes perfect.


… and make sure the MP3’s you download are legally supplied as such by the copyright owners. Which is what we at the SD really appreciate, see.

Thanks anyway, Pricciar…owning a computer is out of my ken right now…I’ll have to tell the person who sent me the e-mail that I’ll need another way to find these titles:
“Milord,” by Edith Piaf
“Listen to What the Man Said,” by Wings
“Can’t Get Used to Losing You,” by Andy Williams
“Ninety-Nine Miles to L.A.,” by Albert Hammond
and the contact said Napster did not carry: “The Honeywind Blows,” apparently by Harry Belafonte.
Well, tomorrow’s another day… :frowning:

The thing to remember is that Napster does not “carry” ANY music. All they do is allow you to copy music files that other Napster users have.

So, if you go to Napster one day and search for a song, it might be there. Wait a few minutes and do the same search and it’s gone, because the computer it was stored on has been turned off. Next day, someone else has ripped the song and it’s available on his system. Then 500 people copy it and it shows up 500 times. Then they all delete it…

The only way to access songs is by keyword searches on author and title, and all it does is look at the file names. If someone mislabels a file, you’ll never find it. But it works surprisingly well, especially if you are looking for popular music.

I can email you “Milord” by Edith Piaf. I love that song, and I have it. :slight_smile:

Just email me at if you want me to send you that.