Search preferences?

In “search”, I click “2 days ago”, then “save search preferences”, and it goes right back to “6 months ago”.
Why is that?

Because “6 months” is the default.

For individual searches you can set the time to different parameters but unless you do the default is the last 6 months.

TubaDiva, if you look at the bottom of the search page, you’ll see a drop down menu that can toggle between “Save Search Preferences” and “Clear Search Preferences” with a “Go” button next to it. When I switched the parameters to “1 year ago” and then clicked on the “Go”, it seems to have now locked my search default to “1 year ago” whenever I pull up the search page.

Don’t know why it’s not working for mangeorge. Might it have something to do with your cookie security?

I’ve the same trouble as mangeorge. No matter what I set the search prefs to, they default to 6 months. Tossing my cookies does not fix the problem.
This issue showed up about the time the interval between searches was set to 5 minutes.

Interesing. I followed your instructions and set it for “1 year ago.” It, indeed, set my preference for “1 year ago.”

But, when I try to set it for any other date period, it seems to default to “six months.”

I"m pretty sure Jerry set the default to “six months” to help keep the board from timing out.

That is strange. It seems that “1 year ago” is the only “Find Posts from” preference that sticks. It does hold the “Show results as” and “Search in Forum(s)” preferences as saved.

eta: and I think Tuba switched that default a couple of months back at the suggestion of a thread here in ATMB. It was indeed meant to make the default less strenuous on the servers. Aaah, here it is: Search suggestion: default "find posts from" change - About This Message Board - Straight Dope Message Board

That’s dumb. If the idea is to make things easier on the server, you’d think they’d encourage us to set a shorter period for our personal default.

The default was “Any date” before Tuba switched it to 6 months. I doubt that the fact that 1 year seems to be the only working setting is the product of an actual strategy.