Search Slowing Down

Has someone poured molasses in the Search function? Whenever I’ve used it these past couple of days, it just hangs there like it’s trying to decide whether to comply. Then it kicks in finally after maybe 30 seconds or even a minute.

Still happening. Can you crack the whip on those hamsters?

I’ve noticed it to. The board seems hinky, very slow, times out often. Every other site I visit seems just fine, it’s only here.

Can’t be a good sign. Maybe that ancient copy of VBulletin is finally breathing it’s last sigh. Not to say they have not done a remarkable job of keeping it teetering along, they have.

Use google instead. Much better, less load on SDMB, not subject to 2 minute restrictions. Instructions in stickies.

If you would like to search the SDMB via Google right from your browser’s toolbar, I added a search engine entry to the Mycroft Project. It should work in Firefox, IE and Chrome. The entry can be accessed and installed from here (click on “SDMB (Google)”). Once installed, it’s available as a search option in your browser’s search bar.