search workaround?

Once again, very soon after I had logged on and pulled up search results for recent posts, the hamsters attack.

I log in again. There are no “new” posts/

I try a search for threads “since yesterday” with articles (i.e., a and the) as keywords.


Is there a way to get all the new threads for all forums, in one happy jumble, in chrono order?

Is the way to do this obvious to everyone but me?

Try the View New Posts switch right below where it says Welcome back j.c. on the uupper right hand side of the Board’s Home page.

That’s interesting. Maybe it’s a browser difference. I noticed someone the other day talking about purple scroll bars (mine are grey).

Thanks, everyone.

I’ve only experienced this in IE on PCs.* I’ve pretty much resigned myself to just reading forums in order.

“new posts” and “active threads” all go away after they’ve been summoned up so tyring to use those options after a … whatever that “try again later” message is gets me nothing.

*This is not to say that I’ve had success with Mozilla and Netscape an on Mac, just that the SDMBs are so creaky I only mess with them in certain locations.

Searching for articles didn’t work, because the search engine automatically throws out short or common words, and “a” and “the” match both those criterion. We just had a thread about this a couple days ago.

And reading the forums separately should be no harder for you, and considerably easier for the server. Why not just do it that way all the time?

Chronos - Oh, I just don’t like reading the forums one by one any more than I like eating all my green beans, and then all my steak, and then all my mashed potatoes, and then drinking my ice tea.

But you can’t always get what you want…

I’m not sure this is the best place to put this, but it is about searching, so here goes. Does anyone know if Boardreader still indexes the SDMB? I’ve tried several searches for “straightdope searchTerm searchTerm” over there and gotten no hits ofer the past couple of months. I’m quite bummed because I was getting used to being able to use BoardReader instead of flogging the hamsters. Did someone make a determination that the boardreader spider was slogging the SDMB and block it or something? Or was the decision on their side? Or, am I just using it wrong?

Any info would be appreciated.