Searching for a word

that means: a highly opinionated statement phrased as a question.

For Example: Don’t you realize that abortion is murder!!!


Wait, phrased as a question. That rules out assertion.

Is there a word for a jackass that doesn’t fully read the OP?

My bad.

The question in the OP is a leading question. But a leading question is not necessarily “a highly opinionated statement.” Perhaps what the OP is looking for is rhetorical question, which assumes a proposition so strongly that it doesn’t really expect an answer.

How about epiplexis? Link

Hello dancefan :

brianmelendez is on a good track. Your example can be called a complex question, also known as a loaded question. The classic example of such a question is, “Have you stopped beating your wife?” One nicely noncommittal response to this type of question is, “Mu”.

As I understand your OP, you were hoping to find a single-word answer. To find the linked websites, I used Google with the quoted term, “complex question” and the unquoted term, “fallacy”; perhaps you can refine the search and find a single, precise word.

On preview, jacksen9 has weighed in with epiplexis. Wow! Nicely done! On re-reviewing your OP, this looks like a good choice.

That was an interesting question, and thank you for posing it.


The example in the OP is also a rhetorical question, as would be most “highly opinionated statements phrased as questions.” But that term may not quite have the connotations sought by the OP. Certainly not all rhetorical questions are HOSPAQs.

And, on the other hand, although I’m thankful to jacksen9 for epiplexis (I hope I can remember it when the need arises), I don’t think all HOSPAQs would necessarily be examples of epiplexis.