Searching for an anti-homophobia speech made by an american teenager

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Some time ago I watched a you tube video of some young American teen who delivered a speech about homophobia, I think at a school board meeting. I had been very impressed by the quality of the speech given his age. Unfortunately I can’t find it anymore.

It probably was noticed quite a bit, because he has been interviewed on TV too (and was equally if not even more impressive there). I think it happened one year ago or so.
Does it ring a bell? Does someone have a link?

Zach Wals testifying before the Iowa House of Representatives?

Probably Zach Wahls.


No, it wasn’t Zach Wahls. The guy I watched a video of was younger. A high school student, I think.

I found it searching for “similar videos” though. Here it is :Graeme Taylor , a 14 yo who spoke to a school board in defence of a teacher suspended without pay for expelling a student who had made homophobic comments.
Worth watching really. During the interview he talks also about his coming out at 13, and makes the audience roar in laughter and applaud enthousiastically. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately for me spoken English isn’t my forte, and a large part of his statements are lost in translation.

Well, sorry to post again, but I listened attentively and finally could understand about everything he said, and frankly, I’m flabbergasted. I didn’t know our specie was still producing kids like that. He’s incredibly bright and self-confident and fun as hell :D.

Really, watch it! MPSIMS was definetely the right place to post. I must share that.