Seasoning question

How much fresh ginger to replace 1/4 teaspoon dried-in-a-little-can ginger?


Agreed. The taste and fragrance is totally different. I might be tempted to dehydrate it myself and grind it, but I wouldn’t substitute directly for most recipes.

Another “agreed.” You use dried ginger in dessert; it’s the ginger of gingerbread. You use fresh ginger in Asian cooking. I can’t think of a single situation in which I’d interchange them.

Maybe a desert trifle. I could see doing pound cake or white cake, minced fresh or dry or* candied *ginger, and cut mangoes, separated by layers of whipped cream or marscapone. Or served over ice cream. Or…dang, I’m hungry.

The different gingers would yield different tasting deserts, but I bet they all would be good.

It was a dipping sauce on the back of the McCormick Tempura box.
Perhaps powdered was called for because McCormick doesn’t make fresh ginger.
Orange juice, green onions, honey, soy sauce, powdered ginger.

I used fresh ginger to taste, and Mrs. Plant liked it, so I must not have used enough. :slight_smile:

Thanks, all.

Ah hah. That does change things, dunnit? Yep, I would have used fresh there as well - it’s probably a lot better than their recipe as written! Glad y’all liked it.

For next time, you can buy an entire giant “hand” of ginger for practically nothing at an asian grocer and freeze it. Next time you need grated ginger, you can grate it directly from frozen and it will keep indefinately.

Haven’t you heard the answer to all seasoning queries is now Bacon Salt.