Seat mate on a long flight

Hypothetical- You are stuck in coach for a 15 hour flight. Which real or fictional person would you want seated next to you during the flight?
“Nobody” is not an option.

I’m sorry to say this but I don’t like to chat during plane rides. So: Helen Keller?

I’m sure she was a delightful person as well as being very accomplished. And I don’t mean to make light of the disabilities that challenged her.

But I really, really don’t enjoy chatting on long flights.

Can I choose a fictional person with the power to grant wishes?

My wife.

Garrison Keillor

Several of my close friends.

I like to chat- then read- then chat, repeat as needed.

You are going to be stuck in that coach seat for 15 hours next to whoever you pick, no matter who you pick.

Just pick one…and remember that Garrison Keillor is 6’4" and you will be stuck in those tight-ass coach seats, right next to each other.

All righty. Stewart Little

Yeah. My Wife. Or one of my best friends. But that could be a problem with a friend as we don’t see each other that much, and would yabber away.

Last two flights I just had quiet gentlemen next to me. One mostly slept, or mostly read or watched something on his tablet.

In any case, I would NEVER take a coach seat for 15 hours. Not gonna happen. Not rich, but I can avoid that hell.

You stole my answer…kind of.
The ghost of Helen Keller. Won’t take up any room, won’t talk and won’t point out interesting sites while I’m trying to sleep.

That’s excellent. (And since it’s your thread, no one can tell you “no ghosts.”)

It occurs to me that the ghost of Greta Garbo might be equally good as a seatmate. Even alive, she wouldn’t have wanted to chat.

Stephen Fry, perhaps?

6’ 5"
205 ibs.
15 hours

You sure about this one? :wink:

I’m pretty small, so I could probably fit. Assuming he’s in a mood to chat, I think I’d be entertained.

I’ll be your seat mate. I’m skinny, don’t talk much…mostly wanna be invisible.

I want my seat mate to me.
Yeah. My twin would work, if I had one.

Hugh Jackman.

Frankly, I’m surprised this isn’t everybody’s answer.

Viggo Mortensen. Failing that, Rin Tin Tin.

A little person who is a deaf mute.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

It would be my chance to talk with one of the few people on this planet who not only understands the secrets of where this all came from, at least as well as any human has ever understood that stuff. The plus is that in addition to that, he’s someone who enjoys talking about that topic, so presumably he wouldn’t just pretend to be asleep to ignore me.

Now you’re onto something! I would want my seatmate to be Ukai, the dog who played Arthur in Arthur the King. Very intelligent, well-behaved, terrific doggie-actor, and no interest whatsoever in chatting! That also describes my late dog Bernie. He was never on a plane, but on long car trips he’d just snuggle in the back of the minivan and nap the whole way.


Well, since @iiandyiiii got the best choice, I think I’ll ask for the benevolent mad scientist who has always wanted to give a seatmate amazing superhuman powers including time travel, teleportation, immortality, and the rest from my personal favorite suite of perfect powers.

Stepping down one level of fiction, then the unspeakably wealthy billionaire philanthropist who likes the cut of my jib and gives me $100 million in cash (I’m not greedy for more than that).

Stepping all the way down to reality, my wife, some of my best friends, or a quiet old lady, 5’0 and 90lbs soaking wet, who just sits quietly and reads her book or sleeps the whole time.

When I travel, I take enough electronics (noise cancelling headphones, kindles (reading and fire), and supplemental batteries to keep me entertained as long as other people don’t interfere. Nothing is going to make me comfortable though, and I’m not going to be super pleasant company as even with OTC sleep aids, I can’t sleep or rest well on such flights.