Do you chat to the stranger next to you on a plane ?

Or completely ignore them for 8 hours ?

I’m afraid I’m the latter, I’m not proud of it, but it’s for the best. :frowning:

I haven’t been on a plane in over 10 years but to answer the question, no I do not generally talk to to the person next to me whether I’m on a plane, train, or a bus.

And it is for the best.

No. I rarely strike up a conversation with strangers; though I often don’t mind if they strike one up with me. (Unless they’re total nutters.)

Anyway, sitting in a passenger cabin next to a window too low to look out to see what’s out there is dull. I usually fall asleep fairly quickly.

Only if I’m part of a complicated conspiracy that involves taking some of his relatives as hostages so that he can provide me access to a restricted area.

no, never.

Depends on the stranger.

This guy, I’d bet he’s interesting in some sort of entertaining way. We could at least compare beards.

This guy, probably not. I might even request a different seat.

This woman, hell yes.

This woman, not so much.

However this woman, definitely yes.

Never. And if they initiate, I’ll pretend to not hear them then find my headphones and put them on/in.

Yeah I usually say something. Often that’s all the conversation that happens but sometimes I meet someone as chatty as me.

But I talk to strangers anywhere, often in the line at the checkout at the supermarket. Most people are happy to talk.

No, I hate making small talk with strangers, and being in a situation where you’re captive for hours makes it so much worse than passing pleasantries. I would really prefer to just be left alone.

There have been a time or two when, while traveling alone, conversation was struck between me and my neighbor (I think they probably initiated, since I’m a little shy, but I don’t recall) . . . one was a soldier on his way to/from Germany, and the other I don’t remember what we talked about.

I don’t mind it. I like people and conversation.

One time I talked with the woman next to me. She had some kind of puzzle or something, and we were talking about it. Mostly no, though.

No way. I watch the movies they have on the headrest TV consoles.

Sometimes. I notice that depending on the way I’m dressed and groomed people may or may not wish to talk to me. If I sense they are making their choice to communicate based on my appearance, I’d rather not talk to them. One time a woman was quite eager to talk to me, and wanted to start a discussion about Tarot readings and psychic ability, so I politely declined. I always carry a book or two with me, so I can just stay busy with that if the situation is not right. I notice if someone orders a drink, they’re more likely to be sociable and non-judgemental (during the flight, who knows what they are really like).

Nope, I generally just keep to myself. If someone strikes up a conversation, I won’t ignore them but more often than not, I’d prefer to not talk at all with the people next to me.

I sometimes start a conversation at the end of the flight… there’s a built-in 30 minutes time limit. And you can always disengage when it gets bumpy and noisy on the way down.

It is rude to ignore another person. I always say hello to the person next to me. They are almost always rude in return. I for one blame the parents.

I often do. Sort of leave the option open and see how it goes. You can always pull out a book or put on headphones if it doesn’t work out.

But then, I usually fly first class, so maybe the parameters are different. We 1-percenters like to stick together, and we may need to form bonds of solidarity if the protestors get too rowdy.

There was a stranger next to me? I didn’t notice.

Anyway, that’s your story and you’re sticking to it?

No. I don’t mind a minor exchange of pleasantries at the beginning of the flight, but I would never initiate one. If the pleasantries don’t stop in a timely manner, and picking up a book doesn’t dissuade my seatmate, I would feign sleep to avoid talking.