Long Distance Plane Travel Sinks!

Ok, I travel quite a bit, I am pretty tolerant when it come to other peoples idiosyncrasies.

However, what is with people wearing too much perfume or for that matter no deoderent? I do not enjoy or like to smell perfume or body oder on an eight hour flight.
Get a clue. Do Not use the back of my seat to hoist yourself up and give me a nose full of your pit area!

It sinks? Isn’t that boat travel? :smiley:

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I’m with you. I fucking hate those little chemical-scented restcloset sinks, especially the ones with the fucking tiny soap dispenser and no actual soap - or worse yet, the ones with the extra-greasy waterproof soap, but no paper towels to be found, so that you have to use toilet tissue to wipe off your hands. It wouldn’t hurt them to put in enough headroom for a normal human to sit down without clipping your head, either. I mean, I don’t even have enough room to use my Right Guard in there, so I come out smelling like a smelly bathroom for the rest of the damn trip. That can’t be pleasant for the guy next to me, lemme tell you.

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Hey I’m just got off the plane, I’m tired:):wink:

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I was flying back from Vegas puking my guts out while the guy next to me was dealing the barf bags. I never did get a chance to thank that considerate fellow. :slight_smile:

Yeah the BO is death.