Seattle Dopers: How bad is this I-5 mess going to be?

So I think this is basically calling for a factual answer, but if you mods think it should be moved, do what you must…

I’ve only tangentially been aware that WS-DOT has made significant closures to I-5 in south Seattle because I didn’t think it would affect me, but now I find I need to get from Seattle to Seatac for a delightful 6:00 AM Tuesday morning flight. It’s an international flight, so it would probably behoove me to be at the airport around 4:00 or so. Should I just leave now? Is southbound I-5 even expected to be affected (I think it heard it was northbound lanes that were being torn up)?

I’m curious about this too. I’m planning on leaving from Seattle around five in the afternoon on the 16th for a drive down to Coos Bay. I’m hoping that the northbound closures won’t affect my southward route. (Although I’ve discovered that Washington drivers seem to be even more susceptible to ‘spectator slowing’ than drivers in L.A.) And of course I have to come north again on Sunday the 19th.

The work is being done on northbound lanes, but as Johnny mentioned, I’d count on southbound being sluggish as well. I’d probably allow at least double normal travel time for either direction. You can keep an eye on the situation here; WSDOT is updating the page fairly frequently so far, and the map here provides a decent traffic-cam overview.

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I drove through the construction area this morning, it was a piece of cake. They did a great job of scaring folks off the freeway. Except for a short bit at the southern end of the construction area, folks in the southbound lanes will see very little or none of the construction, this means southbound I-5 traffic should not be too bad, there will be nothing for the rubber neckers to look at.

This doesn’t address the construction issue, but my son was at SeaTac and checking in 2 hours before a flight in July, and he still missed the flight, because of long lines at check-in and at security.

He only missed it by a few minutes, but a miss is a miss.