Seattle massacre: What I blame Hollywood for

No, I don’t blame Hollywood, in general, for violence such as what happened in Seattle this Saturday. The blame can be spread across a much wider spectrum.

What I do blame Hollywood, specifically action movies, for is this:

From the Seattle P-I: "Killer’s taunt: ‘There’s plenty for everyone’ " Link.

It’s bad enough Huff was motivated to kill at least six people before killing himself, but Jesus H., why do these people think they have to utter witticisms in the midst of a rampage, like they were Arnold Schwarzennegger or Vin Diesel.

It makes you wonder if these twisted individuals are so divorced from reality that somewhere deep in their subconscious they think they’re playing a part in a movie and that everyone will get up when the director yells “Cut. Print.”

And while I’ve got your attention: Fuck the NRA.

What’s the NRA got to do with this? Just as a datum for your own personal reference, the NRA substantially agrees with the first portion of your post.

Movies don’t kill people. People do.

But people kill people in movies ergo people are compelled to kill people in real life.

I saw Bugs Bunny take one of those Acme[sup]tm[/sup] dimensional holes and place it right in front of the Wile E. Coyote. I hope no one does that to me.

Eh, never mind, Unc. I withdraw the comment. I learned early on on this board that debates over gun control are futile gestures. Just chalk it up to exasperation.

Fair enough.

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players. - William Shakespeare, As You Like It

I’m not throwing that out as a justification or anything; it just came to mind. And there’s some validity to it – hence, we get Famous Last Words. What brought that to mind was the morbid quote I once read, spoken by James French just before he was electrocuted:

That’s kind of what I’m wondering: Was this guy thinking it would be amusing if he could shoot up a bunch of people and then toss off a movielike remark.

“Dude, you know what would be funny, like if I shot the shit out of a bunch of people and I’d be all like, ‘There’s plenty for everyone.’ That’d be so cool.”

C’mon, the guy got his jollies shooting at a fiberglass moose a few years before.

Five bucks says the guy was holding the gun in that really cool sideways style, too.

That ghetto/matrix mode of grip is for pistols…

As for his shotgun/rifle grip … generally not sideways.

The person responsible for all this is the actual shooter. Not the media, Not the NRA, Not raves, … just him. Hope he burns in Hell, where ol’ Scratch will cheerfully fire round after round of various rounds and shells into his sensitive regions. ‘Cos Ol’ Scratch has got plenty for everyone.

You know what I blame this on the breakdown of? Society.

Meh, I’m gonna go with the old standby and blame it on video games.

Oh, and the rock music that all the kids are listening to nowadays.

/ok, slight hijack here

You know…I must be getting old…as in "GET OFF MY LAWN, YOU GODAMN KIDS!!! old…because I read the linked article, and in the depths of my cynical, twisted, apparently slowly-rotting brain, what pissed me off most about the article was:

What the fuck kind of parents let their 14-year old daughter go to rave parties till 3 AM?!?

/moves her rocking chair out to her porch, the better to yell at those damn kids from

Here, pull up a spot next to mine. I’ve already got my shotgun (loaded with rock salt, dontcha know!), and I’m working on wearing my pants reaaal high, just so I’ve got the Crabby Old Man™ walk thing going when I stand up to wave my cane at those damn kids and their music…

With their hippin’ and their hoppin’, and their groovin’ and their boppin’, and it gives 'em the Brain Damage, y’hear!

And not just the NRA - don’t forget garden supply stores and Little League Baseball:

And since the reporter referred to the killer carrying a “semi-automatic handgun”, question - are there other types of handguns being sold these days?

Yes. Revolvers are still quite popular. Single shot handguns are also sold, but they are pretty specialized hunting or target arms.

Damn it. There are also one or two shot derringers available. Most of them are cheap-ass crap.

I was thinking in terms of the popular perception of “semi-automatic”, meaning guns capable of firing in rapid succession each time the trigger is fulled, which most revolvers seem to be these days - though I suppose technically “semi-automatic” involves ejection of a shell as well.

I had the impression the reporter used the term “semi-automatic” to imply that the handgun carried (used?) in the rampage was an unusually dangerous weapon.

Fucking pop culture references are ruining society and killing our youth!

“We’ll be charging them as well.”

My impression is that reporters typically have even less of a grasp about the operation of firearms than they do of proper use of English grammar and appropriate communication style. And given the egregious grammatical and editorial errors I found last time I read The Los Angeles Times, that’s not much.