Seattle Pub Trivia '08: With a Vengeance

Perhaps a few rounds of skeet shooting? Greco-Roman wrestling? Something inobtrusive, don’t you know?

I’ll be there.


We certainly do know our tools and our Randy Quaid movies, yes sirree bob.

It’s Tuesday, which is Trivia-Day on my calendar. Are we doing the pub thing at the Old Pequliar, as is our wont? I’ll be there.

Sounds fab. I’ll probably be there.

I’ll be there. It’s another new host, but they’re a good team and I suspect they’ll be fine.

The hubs is working, so I’ll only be there if I can find a babysitter. I don’t think the odds are great, so don’t expect me. :frowning:

I’m in, but I may be late-ish. Is anyone going to be there early to secure a table?

I’ll definitely be there before 7, but no promises how long before. If all goes swimmingly, I could be there before happy hour ends.

Yo peeps, what’s the plan?

My plan: I’ll ask you 80 questions. You do what you can to answer them without throwing coasters at me.

Aw, but throwing coasters is half the fun!

I’ll be there anyway.

Note the “at me” part. Other teams are fair game.

I’ll be there.

I’ll be there, as far as I know. We’re in the last week before the latest big show, so my bosses might co-opt my time, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards right now. Anyway, if I don’t appear, don’t assume I’ve had an incident with Metro.

I had an idea about an ongoing gimmick for team names–quotations. We could go familiar, with Simpsons or Monty Python, or we could try to always be pithy and obscure, leaving everyone in the room to wonder what it’s from. The trick would be finding good ones that were short enough. Anyway, it’s just a possibility for us to think about.

I think our team name should be “They Couldn’t Hit An Elephant From.”

I think we should be “Coaster Throwers.” And that we should follow up on our team name, but only with teams/hosts we know. :wink:

Somehow it seems unwise to antagonize the person who’s not only tracking your score but deciding how many points you get in the first place.

So, who’s in for tonight? I’ll probably be there, but Little J had his 6-month (!!!) checkup today, which included shots, so he may be grumpy enough that it’s not fair to leave Dad alone with him.

I’m planning on it. It’s a NAMBLA quiz. Oh, and someone please try to remember to read the Wiki page on computer programming.

I’m a probable. There’s a 79.2% chance I’ll be there.