Second Coming: Who would believe it?

Scores of people over the years have had the delusion that they were the second coming of Jesus Christ. Of course they were nutjobs, but if Christ did come a again would anybody believe him?

I think this is a fair question for the religious, areligious and anti-religious folx on the board.

My opinion is … absolutely not. I suppose it depends what he did while he was here, if he parted the Red Sea or had the Cubs win the World Series then people might beleive. I guess this would bring up a second question, what could Jesus do to convince you he was the real deal?

He already came back

Since Jesus will come back at the end of the world (according to the propaganda), it would be pretty hard to miss him, what with all the angels behind him in the sky, the rivers of blood, the sky turning to ashes, and so forth.

My advice:look busy.

Isn’t that a bumper sticker goboy? I could swear I’ve seen it before on a car.

Jesus is coming, try to look busy.

I think it is. I got it from an old joke.

To quote my fave source of all things christian, JC Superstar, “Israel in 4 BC had no mass communication.”

I’ll believe it’s true when I see it on TV.

Well, at least we don’t have to worry about Karl Marx coming back again. [… whew! …]

But if we’re lucky, maybe we’ll have a second coming of Groucho.

and then there is Elvis…

Reminds me of the simpsons episode where Stalin and Lenin come back to life. Now THAT was comedy.