Second Comming=Dictatorship?

According tho the Bible (New Testament, Revelation, etc)Christ will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, all shall kneel before Him and declare Him Lord, etc.
I as a man who believes in democracy find this somewhat unsettling…Would the Pope and other religeous leaders have to resign or defer? Would the national constitutions of our world be rendered null and void?

He would have to answer to god:)

I would think though that everything would change. Why would religious leaders exist afterwards?

He would have to answer to god:)

I would think though that everything would change. Why would religious leaders exist afterwards?

Also, I don’t think it would be Jesus Christ II. I am pretty sure it would be the same guy as before:)

That’s why Bush is trying to stop the separation of Church and State. To make the transition easier when Jesus takes over.
Also, it’s good the Supreme Court choses the President now, instead of voters. That will also make the transition easier when we are governed by a supreme being.

Religion and politics in the same thread…what a great combination, Enolancooper! This should be fun.

All fair and good silliness aside, if the Second Coming has happened and you are now dwelling in either a physical New Heavens and New Earth, or one that occupies some trascendent dimension, you find yourself in this situation:

  • NHANE are eternal and incorruptible;
  • The resources of NHANE are inexhaustible; and
  • Anyway you do not need to consume resources because
    you are now yourself provided with an eternal and incorruptible physical body (and depending on your belief, one that can move between multiple dimensional states);
  • Everyone is fully enlightened and cleansed in the spiritual aspect so everyone can see clearly what is good and right and true and worth caring about;
  • That last item also means nobody’s rights are ever violated or abridged;
  • You are in perfect harmony with all creation and have a clear channel of communication to the Big Boss Hirself;
  • Only good things happen in NHANE;
  • Everything in NHANE is win-win, there are no tradeoffs or opportunity costs.

Why would there be concern for hierarchical ranks the form of civil government, where there’s no need to keep order, protect the weak, or allocate resources, since all the citizens are of their own free will good, rational, loving beings dwelling in an inexhaustible paradise where suffering and want can’t happen? I’d be too busy taking a sightseeing trip of the Andromeda Galaxy (heck, I got all eternity…) to sit around thinking about disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing, or about whether the hat I wear makes me look more important.

Now, Jehovah’s Witnesses DO believe in the establishment of an actual “government” of New Earth, because all the saved (but for 144K special chosen ones) will stay physically living and eating and breathing on a physical Earth. And many Millenial Christians believe that during the Millennium there will be just Utopia on Earth, but still with a population of eating, breathing mortals, until the true End of Time. So in that case yes, JC would be absolute ruler… but of course they’ll tell you that this would be the PERFECT absolute ruler for he would do only things that are truly universally good and noone would be ever harmed.


I believe the correct term would be Theocracy.

And being you will not be able to even think about sinning, it will be a totalitarian Theocracy.

I’ve heard some Christians who are actually looking foward to this.