Second degree burn treatment?

My husband just went to see a doctor. He accidently grabed a hot pot without a potholder. :frowning: We think he has second degree burns. Can someone fill me on treatment for the burns? Will he be okay?

I couldn’t come with him because I have a prior obligation.


Well, the first aid treatment, as for all burns, is rapid cooling – flush with cold water in large quantities. The doctor will probably apply a topical antiseptic or antibiotic to prevent infection, and a dressing to prevent contamination and casual contact with the burn. The blisters will probably not be pierced, but they will break eventually, and additional antiseptic will probably be prescribed for application at home, or the doctor might prescribe oral antibiotics. If the burn is very bad, there might also be painkillers, but OTOH, the doctor might just dress the burn as I believe that’s well within the standard of care. IANADoctor