Second question from a Roku noob

I have Dish Network and just recently bought a Roku 3. It’s installed and I’ve been playing with it, but … the input channel for the satellite is HDM1. The input channel for the Roku is HDM1. Because I’m a noob and don’t know what else to do, when I want to go back to the satellite feed I unplug the Roku’s HDM cable from the TV. I know you smart people out there can teach me alternatives! Is there a way to switch Roku to HDM2? Or is there a better answer?

Does your television set have more than one HDMI input? Sometimes there are additional inputs on the back, along the sides, or even in the front.

If so, plug the Roku into one of the other HDMI inputs. Then use the “input” button on your remote to change inputs until you find the one that you plugged the Roku into. Your Roku does not have to be plugged into any particular HDMI input. You can plug it into any one.

Yeah, you need another HDMI input on your TV. If not, and your TV and Dish both have RCA jacks, use those for the Dish, and leave the Roku patched into the TV’s HDMI input.

If the ‘source’ menu on the TV offers ‘HDMI2’ then there most probably is another HDMI socket on there somewhere - find it and plug your Roku into that.

It’s often the case that the HDMI sockets are located in different places on the TV, pointing in different directions - mine has two at the top corner of the back, pointing straight at the wall, and another under the bottom edge, pointing down.

By the way, it is an HDMI cable/port (Hotel Delta Mike India), not an HDM1 (Hotel Delta Mike One) cable/port. Took me a while to see that you’d written the latter, and I think this may be the source of your confusion.
Your TV probably has at least two, maybe three HDMI ports, labelled something like HDMI 1, HDMI 2, etc. All of these are HDMI ports, accepting an HDMI cable. Plug in your Dish network into one, the Roku into another, and use your remote to switch from one source to another.

You have multiple options in your situation.

Like others have said, your TV probably has multiple hdmi ports. Even small economy tvs tend to have 2. If you have multiple hdmi ports then use a different port and use the input button on your remote to change which hdmi port you use.

If you truly only have one hdmi port, then you can buy an hdmi switch. These are at. Electronic stores or Amazon, and many have remotes so you can. Shift inputs. Using that. Can let you switch between two hdmi inputs for one port without unplugging anything.

A third option is to check your TV for. Rca inputs and to get a roku 1 or 2 instead. The roku 3 only has hdmi but the earlier models have. Hdmi and composite rca outputs. You could use hdmi for satellite and rca for roku.

Look on the edge (usually the right edge) of the TV for a second HDMI input port. It should look something like this.

If the TV is saying input: HDMI, it indicates the TV only has 1 HDMI connection.
If it says: HDMI1, it indicates it has at least 2.

Thanks for the great “input”, everyone. Yes, you’re right, I should have typed HDMI. Blame it on the fact I’m overdue for new glasses … Anyway, I’ll hunt for another port to use. Much appreciate the advice!