Second shot and the side effects

Second moderna shot today. My arm is sore, my joints ache and I’ve been feverish since about 3 hours post shot.

I also came home and made a big pot of split pea soup and baked a loaf of bread so I wouldn’t have to worry about food if I didn’t want to deal with it tomorrow. After looking at the amount of food I had cooked, I walked some over to some shut in neighbors.

Here’s hoping this is as bad as its going to get!

Mr. brown got his second Moderna shot the day before yesterday. He got it at about 1 p.m., and by dinnertime that night he was feeling a bit icky. Yesterday he felt pretty crap-ass and spent the day in bed, only getting up for a bit of dinner, and then returning to bed. He says he felt feverish last night. But this morning he’s fine and ate a huge breakfast, and is back at work.

I could’ve sworn I already posted this. If I did, mea culpa.

Mrs. Cretin and I had similar reactions to both shots. Pfizer. I’m 70, she’s 74.

1st dose, Saturday morning: minor soreness at injection site; moderate fatigue and dizziness especially on day two. Good as new by Monday.

2nd dose, three weeks later Saturday morning: arm soreness same as first time for both of us; for Mrs. C the fatigue/dizziness were same as first time; for me the fatigue was more intense than first time and lingered for several days.

I got my second Pfizer on Sunday. Monday afternoon I had a slight ache and was sleepy, and took a nap. But I do that often anyhow, so I don’t know it the vaccine caused it.
My wife had hers Monday, and she was slightly achier than me Tuesday, but not bad.
I went for a cardiac echo test this morning, and one of the screening questions was whether I had been vaccinated in the past 72 hours. (It was over 80 hours for me, so I answered no and didn’t ask why they asked.) Anyone else get this? I hadn’t heard this question before, but this was a different facility of my group.

I had my second Moderna shot yesterday afternoon. By last night my arm was really sore and tender. I didn’t sleep well because of it. Today I napped on the sofa, mostly. Topped out at 100.4F. I took some Tylenol and the fever went back down. I thought I was over it - I even started doing a few chores around the house. But it’s just starting to come back a bit, this time with some shivers. Guess I’ll take another round of Tylenol before bed, and hope to wake up feeling normal.

My dad got his 2nd Moderna shot yesterday. No reported side effects.

Looks like I was over-optimistic about my side effects. Yesterday I was achy, head-achy, feverish and tired. I slept all day. I also have a big red blotch on my arm. Its not sore or itchy so I’m going to just forget about it.

I waited to get my shots. I got my first shot 4 weeks ago, and I finally got my second shot a week ago. I got a very minor but rather interesting side effect.

My first shot was in my right arm. I got some soreness as expected, just enough to keep me from sleeping on that side for that night. Everything was okay 24 hours later.

Because my right arm had gotten sore, I got shot 2 in my left arm. The first reaction was that my right arm got sore, although not as bad as the earlier injection. But that faded in a couple of hours. At that point, I began developing the usual soreness in the left arm. That, too, wasn’t as bad as the first shot. I was able to sleep on that side that night, and was okay the following day.

That is SO funny. When I got my first shot, I didn’t even notice it until hours later when I took the band-aid before getting in the shower, and then I was all like OWIE!!!

After my second shot, my arm also didn’t hurt until I took the band-aid off after my shower. Then I was all OWIE!!!

Me too! My right arm ached more after the first day or so than my left that had been injected.

I did a brief search for reports of reactivation, but I didn’t find anything. I suppose most people are getting both injections in the same arm, and your experience was so limited that it wouldn’t make it to most reports.

I wonder if any of the original vaccine qualification was done with shots to opposite arms?